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EMERSON SAID that “unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” That’s what this video, part of a larger project for “National Geographic,” says to me. Dare! That, and this: We are tiny, and nature is vast. (Details of the project on the jump.)

This sequence was part of a bigger project called “The Man Who Can Fly,” produced by Bryan Smith. If I’m reading their program schedule right, the full show will next air January 20th, 2013. It recently surfaced on Bryan Smith’s Vimeo page, and a friend shouted it out from there to me.

Dare! (Like by writing a wild and crazy garden book, and sending it out into the universe–which is what I did this week!)

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The Backyard Parables revised coverWANT A COPY of “The Backyard Parables,” my latest feat of daring, in which nature in all her vastness, is the other main character besides me and Jack the Demon Cat? It’s here:

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  1. MaryAnne Boyer says:

    I posted this question but I think it went to facebook and not being very computer savy I don’t know if I will ever get a reply…. my question is, How do you eat all the wonderful things you give recipes for on your website and still stay so thin?… I just can’t picture you leaving your wonderful home and going to a gym. MaryAnne

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