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MY CAMERA’S IN THE SHOP, AND I’M AVOIDING mowing over all the fallen oak leaves, too. Those are my excuses for making time to travel around the web instead, and find the following links. Now what’s your excuse for clicking on them? :) 

HOW DID I MISSED MARIA POPOVA’S bee item on her compelling Brain Pickings site in September, when she gathered (or curated, as she calls it) disparate inspirations about the essential creatures, whose plight on earth is so severely challenged?  Through Maria’s filter, their story is told with two very different must-watch videos, some truly up-close-and-personal electron microscope photographs, and her own words.

SOMEONE ASKED ME ABOUT EDIBLE LANDSCAPING the other day, and I realized I’d lost track of the important, inspiring work of Rosiland Creasy, but now here she is: in the “Los Angeles Times” this week, for instance, with a new edition of her highly acclaimed “Edible Landscaping” just released by Sierra Club. More on this once I have a chance to buy a copy and settle down with it—but it looks like something many of you will be as excited about as I am, hence the early warning.

WE TALKED ABOUT IT AT THE START OF CANNING SEASON: about BPA, or Bisphenol A, whose presence in plastics that come into contact with foods, including in the lining of canned goods, in particular, has led to health concerns. This week, research involving round worms (regularly used in studies as predictors of impact on mammals) confirmed prior warnings of the threat of reproductive issues. Separately, analysis of a wider range of food products shows that the chemical may be present in more packaged foods than we think. I wish I’d moved not just some, but all, my stored food to freezer-safe glass.

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  1. ambrose says:

    cheers Ms M.

    Just thought I’d let you know…
    ediblelandscaping.com is a business near Afton, VA
    been there for close to 20 years, maybe longer

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Ambrose — and thank you for the link. One thing I will be doing as my own active outdoor season starts to quiet down is reading up on this subject again. See you soon!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Colta. I will tell the handsome one your sentiments. :) (He is getting quite good at posing, right?) See you soon.

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