kitchen gear i rely on (or long for)

I HAVE A TINY kitchen, and not a lot of gadgets, so the ones I have must really work for a living. Many of my favorite tools are nothing fancy: an apple corer that’s just that much better (but still under $10), smart lids that transform Mason jars into storage vessels, bee’s wax wraps for leftovers, to reduce use of all that plastic. Click any photo to get more product detail, or shop. (Disclaimer: Purchases from Amazon affiliate links yield a small commission.)

DOUGH CUTTER-AS-SCRAPER: For working with dough, yes, but also this: A culinary friend taught me to stop dulling my knife blade by using it to scrape chopped onions, celery etc. off my cutting board, and use a dough scraper instead. Love it.
TEA TUMBLER: A personal infuser, made of double-walled borosilicate glass, that keeps tea hot and yet isn't hot to the touch. I drink right out of mine (there is a screen up top to keep leaves down), then refill for a second steeping.
WECK JARS, with their glass tops, rubber gaskets and metal clips, do storage duty in pantry and freezer. Beautiful workhorses, as small as for a little pesto or as big as canisters.
BREVILLE ELECTRIC KETTLE (glass): Breville electric kettles are way more durable that other brands I burned through fast. If you prefer glass, this is the model for you...
BREVILLE ELECTRIC KETTLE (stainless): First thing daily: I turn on the electric kettle. Until I invested in a Breville, I burned through cheaper brands every couple of years. This is a durable workhorse.
WIDE-MOUTH CANNING JARS, specifically ones with straight sides, are my choice for freezing soups, sauces, nuts, and even whole cloves of garlic.
PREPWORKS CANNING FUNNEL from Progressive fills wide- or regular-mouth jars without mess. Just better than the usual suspect.
NORPRO STAINLESS CORER WITH PLUNGER: The plunger is a game-changer when making baked apples, dried slices, or just coring a lot of fruit.
INSTANT POT electric pressure cooker-plus: On my wishlist, at a cookbook-author friend’s urging: Instant Pot stainless programmable pressure cooker doubles as rice cooker, yogurt maker and more.
EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATOR: For drying fruits and vegetables at harvest time, including apple slices and tomatoes and more.
BREVILLE IMMERSION BLENDER: I never turn on my "real" blender since I got hooked on the stick, or immersion, kind, allowing me to blend soups, applesauce and more right in the cooking pot.
NORPRO JAR LIFTER for canning has slip-resistant handles, no small "plus" when working in steamy conditions.