killer cut flower

cymbidiumI DON’T REALLY need to say more than that. Killer cut flower: the Cymbidium orchid. By February, when winter gets tiresome, I pace myself the rest of the way to full-on garden season by buying a stem or two of these extravagant (though not expensive) orchids each month. They last many weeks in water; each stem is a few feet long with dozens of blooms, a bouquet in itself for about $10. I prefer the gaudy gold-and-wine ones to the pastels, but I never claimed to be discreet. Want to see more, or try growing them?

  1. andrewoowoo says:

    Deadly! I love the warmth of this stem! Gold and wine – a nice pairing no matter what! We’re still up to our ankles in snow in Ottawa so houseplants are still our only green companions. I’d love to try growing these and our north-facing (but bright) apartment might be just the environment.

    By the way, if you’d like to see the many photos I took of your garden in fall 2006, please contact me: andrew_s_ritchie@hotmail.com.

    Or let me know of a way I could send them to you.

    I’d be thrilled if you used even one or two on this site – free of charge, naturally!


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