ken druse to join my podcast for a monthly listener q&a

A Way to Garden podcastMY A WAY TO GARDEN public-radio show and podcast gets a new feature in January: a monthly listener question-and-answer episode, with longtime friend Ken Druse on hand alongside me to help get you the answers you need. And extra good news: The monthly Q&A show will be longer than a normal program—like a doubleheader, so we can get to even more of your questions.

Want to submit one for consideration for a future show? Details on how to do so are in the box farther down the page.

In 2017—just in time to debut the new feature together—Ken and I are celebrating 25 years of friendship and garden collaboration. We met when I called to interview him in 1992 on the publication of his ground-breaking book “The Natural Shade Garden.” We worked together on his book “The Natural Habitat Garden,” have been guests on each other’s radio podcasts, appeared at events together, and more.

Ken, a noted award-winning garden photographer and author of more books than I can count, produced his own “Real Dirt” podcast for 10 years, until summer 2016. (The archive of shows is on his website–a whole new version of which is set to debut this month, too–and still available on iTunes.)

I’m thrilled that he has agreed to join us for the new expanded monthly feature.

how to submit your question

HERE’S HOW it works: Submit a question using the Contact Form at this link on my website (or in the comments box below, if you prefer). If your question is selected for the broadcast, we’ll email to set up a taping time with me and Ken, the way caller Q&A was always done on “Car Talk” and is done on “Wait, Wait” and “The Splendid Table” and other NPR shows. Easy!

I will also be selecting the occasional question from the A Way to Garden Facebook page, and from comments on specific blog posts through the month.

Though we regret we can’t answer every question (as I suspect an even bigger avalanche than I already get now), we’ll pick ones that are most representative of the overall submissions, to hopefully help as many readers and listeners as possible. The first expanded Q&A show will run late January.

  1. Linda Freed says:

    I have frogs in my front pond… I would like to renovate the pond and area but heistate to do so because it will disturb my frogs (spring project).. will they come back to pond or just move off the property?

  2. MAL1952 says:

    What constitutes “shade” — less than 6 hours of sunlight?
    Morning sun but no afternoon sun?

    And then there’s light shade and dense shade?
    Please define / explain.

  3. Ruth Broadfoot says:

    Love you are doing this with Ken – Your two of my favorites!

    Any advise for growing snow peas. I have read to not try to start indoors because they do not transplant well. Is this true? Also use an inoculate for better success? Also grow in some shade? Any advise would be helpful.

    Another question I have is about going to a more natural landscape – “Going Wild”.
    I live on 18 acres not all landscaped, maybe about 1 acre with maintained beds.
    This still is more then I want and I would like to transition into the fields and woods around my house. Any suggestions?
    I find it is very hard to cut back on carefully maintained beds and still keep beautiful.

    Can I send you pictures?

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