june 8 garden open, plant sale, birding talk & walk/workshop, herb cooking and flower classes

I’VE JOINED forces again with my most talented, beloved neighbors to make the 2019 garden season a must-visit—and to celebrate the release of the all-new 21st anniversary edition of “A Way to Garden” the book.

On Saturday, June 8, join me and Adam Wheeler of Broken Arrow Nursery in my garden for tours and a giant plant sale, and select from among an entire day of plant-themed offerings celebrating both herbs and flowers in nearby Hillsdale: herb cooking and flower arranging and growing.

Plus, learn to be a better birder in a morning talk and guided walk/workshop, with Kathryn Schneider, past president of the NY State Ornithological Association and author of “Birding the Hudson Valley.” Don’t miss this chance to really up your skills.

the day’s schedule

10 AM-4 PM: Garden Conservancy Open Day and plant sale, at Margaret’s garden in Copake Falls, NY. Plus plant sale by Broken Arrow Nursery (plant pre-orders welcome; browse the Broken Arrow website or call 203 288-1026). No reservations required for garden visit or plant sale.

9 AM: “Be a Better Birder” lecture, Copake Falls NY (followed by walk/workshop, see just below) by Kathryn Schneider past president of NY State Ornithological Association, and author of “Birding the Hudson Valley.”  Are you a birdwatcher or an enthusiastic “birder?” Upping your skills requires having the right tools and knowing how to use them. In this slide talk on birding fundamentals, learn to choose binoculars and how to use them. Discover how today’s birders use traditional field guides and phone apps to home in on an ID, and learn how recording what you see helps you become a better birder. This talk is designed to expand your birding horizons to see more birds, grow your skills, and connect to the birding community. Details/tickets.

11 AM: Better Bird ID hands-on workshop (following a 9 AM talk you may wish to attend also!) will focus on finding and identifying birds in the field. Kathryn Schneider, past president of the NY State Ornithological Association and author of the new book “Birding the Hudson Valley,” will reveal how bird identification depends on noticing the clues that birds provide, even when we only see them for a few seconds. Field marks are only part of the equation. Season, habitat, vocalizations, and behaviors all contribute important information. Use these clues along with field guides and apps to learn how to identify the birds you see. Your observations will be recorded using the eBird mobile app. Details/tickets.

11 AM: A Guide to Fresh Herbs, with Sarah Owens, at HGS Home Chef, Hillsdale.
Explore the many flavors and uses of fresh herbs from root to leaf with James Beard award-winning cookbook author and horticulturist Sarah Owens. Get tips on how to grow, purchase, store, and use an array of fresh herbs from the herbaceous chervil to the woodsy sage. Go home with recipes, and a jar of freshly made gremolata (taste it in class on Sarah’s famous sourdough bread). Details/tickets.

11 AM: In-Season Flower Arranging: Peonies, at Tiny Hearts flower shop, Hillsdale: With their knockout beauty and delicious scent, it’s no wonder that peonies are known as the Queen of Garden Flowers. In this class with Tiny Hearts founder and farmer-florist Jenny Elliott, learn how to take care of peonies in your own garden, how to harvest peonies for excellent vase life, and how to store stems for use weeks later. Then, make an arrangement using farm-grown peonies, paired with other June-blooming flowers and foliage, to take home. Details/tickets.

2 PM: Botanical Baking, with Sarah Owens, at HGS Home Chef, Hillsdale. Learn to incorporate the bounty of the seasons into home baking with James Beard award-winning author, professional baker, and horticulturist Sarah Owens. Discover what edible flowers (both foraged and cultivated) are in season and how to both decorate and preserve them for use on cakes and tarts. Sarah will demonstrate how to make and decorate a delightful and delicious rhubarb tart, which will be enjoyed during the class. Details/tickets.

2 PM: Summer Planting for Fall Flowers, with Jenny Elliott, at Tiny Hearts flower shop, Hillsdale. The spring garden prep and planting flurry is over…now what? Learn what you can plant now (and keep planting all summer) to have a continuous supply of flowers in your garden all the way up until frost! Tiny Hearts founder and farmer-florist Jenny Elliott demonstrates how “succession planting” isn’t just for your bush beans and lettuce, but yields best success with cutting annuals, too, plus other flower-growing tips. Details/tickets.

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  1. Martina says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I hope to come up on June 8 to see your garden. However, I cannot find your address so I can obtain directions.
    Thank you,

  2. Amy Krane says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Was so excited to hear your book is being republished. Is it very different than the first edition? How so? Look forward to your June events! Thanks.

  3. Meris Ruzow says:

    You have been such an inspiration ever since I “found you “ on the podcasts. I’ve also been a fan of Ken Druse for years & the two of you together are the best thing since peanut butter & jelly. Thank you for all your teaching & eye opening suggestions of how to make us better connected to our back yards. Hope to meet you at this event.

  4. Meris says:

    Will your workshop registration close out? Does it fill up fast ? I’m just not sure yet about attending but am very interested in the birding, peony class & of course the plant sale.

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