alan arkin's improvised life (the book tour)

WHEN I SAW THIS WACKY NEW VIDEO TODAY that actor Alan Arkin created as the “trailer” for his upcoming book, “An Improvised Life” (March 1, Da Capo Press) I had to share it. I’m feeling a little bit like this right now, so at least I’m in very good company (and likewise trying to improvise and smile despite the fast-changing to-do list). An aside: Two of Arkin’s relatively recent films, “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Sunshine Cleaning,” are among my alltime favorites.

  1. Barbara says:

    Dear Margaret,
    I’ve bought your book! Just waiting to be read! Just like the radio announcer! No, seriously as soon as my plate is cleared (that being pizza) I’m ready to begin.
    Thanks for the video. Charming and I love Alan Arkin.

  2. Jan says:

    Yes, yes. I know the feeling. Did radio interviews for a book in 1993 – it was torture. I felt so stupid. Now I realize it was them and not me.

    Have your book on order. Hope it arrives tomorrow. I started to say today, but no mail because of the holiday.

  3. Kate says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I have your book on my nightstand ( under an anthology) but I think I’ll sneak it to the top…it’ll be our little secret.

    Thanks for sharing the video-very unselfish of you. AA is so clever!

    Best of luck on the book tour~Keep taking those deep cleansing breaths and remember over the radio, an audience interest is held by the quality of one’s voice so keep it cheerful :) We’re already listening because we adore the topic!

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