i’m proud to be on whdd, npr’s ‘minnow’

IWANTED TO MAKE SURE YOU SAW this lovely New York Times piece on NPR’s “minnow,” WHDD from Sharon, Connecticut, the station I’ve been doing my weekly A Way to Garden podcast with for more than a year.
Robin Hood Radio, as my nearest public-radio station is known, is NPR’s tiniest affiliate and its newest, a quirky mix of programs from the public radio A-list like “All Things Considered” to a local farm report, and shows like mine somewhere between. Have a read, and then why not have a browse through all the other podcasts my favorite minnow is offering, in case you’re not right here in the ‘hood? (My latest show, on hellebores, is here.)

You’ve got to love their motto, under the logo (top): “Slightly off…but very good.”

And one last thought: Remember to support your local public radio station.


  1. jenndon says:

    discovered your blog several weeks ago and am currently reading your new book (loving both). Agree totally about supporting NPR, especially since it’s funding is a hot topic in DC. One of my favorite things to do is pull weeks and listen to NPR on my portable radio.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Jenndon. So nice of you to send along the words of encouragement. Thank you. I hope to see you soon here again.

  2. I read the article after you talked about it on your pod cast. Love it. That is what real local radio is all about. We support two local NPR stations because we’re kind of between them and they each have their own specialness. Thanks for sharing this story.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Manic Gardener. :) Enjoy, enjoy. We have a good time (though in yesterday’s show I had total amnesia on the name of a tomato I was recommending, oh dear! It happens to the best of that and all that. See you soon!

  3. JoAnne says:

    Have arrived via Mason-Dixon – looking forward to reading through your archives and checking out RobinHoodRadio – I lived in Sharon back late 70’s-early ’80s and remember the area as very pretty – not much to do, as a teen, but still. Very pretty!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, JoAnne. The Mason-Dixons are beyond wonderful, and so funny. What a pair! (And they forgive me for being a horrible knitter; my sister is good at it, at least.) Sharon is still very pretty, you are right (and still pretty quiet!). See you soon.

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