i’m on plant delights’ cover, but no, you cannot order a potful of me

plant delights 2013I SEEM TO HAVE ACHIEVED a new level of connection (resemblance?) to things that photosynthesize: I am finally one of the colorful faces on the cover of a plant catalog—the new Plant Delights catalog, specifically. But no, I have not been tissue-cultured or otherwise propagated, and am not for sale. (To see the image big, click over to the jump page.)

The 2013 PDN catalog celebrates “a quarter century of delightful plants”—meaning proprietor Tony Avent and I got into the business at the same time. Happy silver anniversary to both of us (remember, I told you all about my 25th the other day?).

plant delights 2013

I love that Tony saw to it that I was clustered on the bottom right of his new cover with Ken Druse, who I think introduced me to Dan Hinkley decades ago, and nearby to Martha Stewart, whom I introduced to Dan when I went to work for her in 1994ish.
The illustration makes me remember many good times with those three and various people pictured: particularly Neil Diboll of Prairie Nursery (Ken Druse and I first traveled to see him around 1992, I think, when we were working on “The Natural Habitat Garden” book together), and Roy Klehm of Klehm’s Song Sparrow, a master nurseryman and expert on so many things, including peonies and (like Plant Delights’ Tony Avent), hostas.

From those few names alone—Tony, Neil, Ken, Dan, Roy, Martha—I have learned, and seen, so much. Nice to all be together again in this cartoon moment! The full key to who’s who is here.

Did you miss my recent Q&A with Tony Avent about some great plants that could use better P.R.? Though the giveaway is over, it’s still a good read. As is his 2013 catalog.

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