how i named my upcoming dropout memoir

IT HAS TO DO WITH BEES, AND BEANS, and getting the hell out of Dodge (wherever that might be for you). Why I named my upcoming dropout memoir “And I Shall Have Some Peace There” also has to do with a poem that stuck with me since I first read it as part of a college class at NYU. Here’s the scoop on the title’s inspiration, answering a question some of the commenters asked the other week when I last mentioned the book-to-be.

  1. dominique says:

    Dear Margaret,
    Thanks so much for writing in response to book activity. May you have insane swirls of publicity in the days ahead when you publish: actually, I know you will, as your fans await! I LOVE your book title…and so deeply appreciate this excellent, reliable and inspiring place you have created for all of us in need of garden friends….Dominique

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Dominique, author of the new and scaling-the-height-of-Amazon-sales-ranks “Slow Love.” I was just about to say something about you here, and then there you pop up. :) I feel like our paths are once again being crossed by “forces bigger than ourselves” (like in the old days, remember?) and there is much more to say. I am enjoying lurking (and sometimes commenting) on Slow Love Life, your blog. More to come…

      @Emo: I think it will, but perhaps not right away. All of the details are coming into focus now. I assume you’d vote “yes” for a Kindle edition asap? :)

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