how grows it? when peonies aren't up to par

THE ALLIUMS WERE OFF THIS YEAR HERE (too wet last summer and fall when many summer-dormant kinds want to be dry), but I’m having a good peony crop in 2012. What about you? If your peonies are less-than-plentiful, a primer on what might be going on, along with other peony-growing tips.

  1. theresa says:

    hello everyone,
    I want to attempt to move some of my peonies this year but, am so unsure how to
    go about it ? My dear father-in – law [ God rest his soul ] was my gardener for many years but, I didn’t pay as close attention to his very green thumb , I miss him so …..
    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . I love all the commenting and am trying to adapt to my very limited capability regarding gardening . thank you .

  2. Smallpeace says:

    I am delighted to say that my peonies were just perfect this year—big, fat, garish blossoms against my red garage. Such floozies, those peonies, grabbing all of the attention.

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