honored: my ever-so-stylish garden blog

MERCIFULLY, INSTYLE MAGAZINE HASN’T HAD A GANDER at any of my current “work” outfits, or how many years out of date my handbag and shoes are. (Come to think of it, I’m not certain that the footwear of choice here in Nowheresville even qualifies on their radar as proper shoes at all, but they don’t have to reckon with snakes and cowpies and such, now do they?) These seeming mismatches notwithstanding, I just learned that A Way to Garden had been shouted out on the editor’s page of the November issue of InStyle as one of the “Site[s] We Love.” Woo-hoo; what a compliment. The specific citation:

The site’s gardener, writer Margaret Roach, is so encouraging. She made me believe I could grow fava beans in my tiny NYC garden plot, though I hadn’t a clue how. Eventually I did, and they were delish!

So said copy chief Marcia Lawther, one of seven editors to each name a favorite site.

I found myself there in the amazing company of Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen (a destination I, too, love), which made the honor even sweeter. Thanks, InStyle, for not letting my fall from stylishness get in the way.

  1. andre says:

    ha, sorry, couldn’t get past the image ‘a gander at my current work outfits’.

    nice to see the glorious you write here is appreciated elsewhere margaret.

  2. JWLW says:

    If you want my opinion which I am sure you don’t. Your blog is to busy and cluttered with stuff distracting from the post of the day.

    Have a great evening,

  3. lola says:

    LOVE YOUR STYLE! Congratulations on the press! Your writing is encouraging, entertaining, and utterly charming….and that is always ‘in style’. Keep up the great work.

  4. Rosella says:

    Love your garden outfits — compared to what I wear in the garden, you are a Fashion Icon! E.B. White wrote about his wife Katherine that she was always in such a hurry to get into the garden that she didn’t even take the time to change her shoes, and could be found at the end of her office day weeding in her Ferragamos.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Rebecca. Long as you don’t mind my ratty gardening gear and bad manicure, we’re all set. :) So glad you made your way to us, and hope to see you again soon. We keep at it all winter long; don’t be a stranger.

  5. ayo says:

    Congratulations! A great honor. And let’s remember, “fashion” and “style” are not the same. I want to believe that one can have lots of style (and even be stylish)while completely ignoring fashion.

  6. Candylei says:

    That is terrific. You have a super blog and we enjoy every word, every picture or crumb you post. That includes the recipes. When it gets a little colder and we are inside more I want to come back and enjoy all the posts I’ve missed and your many, many fun links.

    Raking up leaves for the compost,

  7. nora says:

    Great work Margaret. I find your blog so uplifting and your photos so breathtaking!

    I sometimes (even this week) in my forgetfulness, do the reverse in fashion when I show up at my job at the local hospital in my mud-crusted Duck Boots ( I then borrow shoes from my colleagues).

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