here’s lookin’ at you, kid

frogboy2FROGBOY IS HANDSOME, isn’t he? I’m pretty sure I’m really in love this time.

  1. wendy says:

    Nice! I can’t believe he sat still long enough to pose for his portrait. We have a toad who LOVES to sun himself on our laundry room steps, but he hightails it whenever we try sneak up with a camera.

  2. margaret says:

    Now Kitt, you know I’m not the type to kiss and tell.
    As far as how to attract men of this caliber, all I did was (years ago) put in a water garden, a little pool of less than 2000 gallons with a little spillway/waterfall. Everybody in the Peterson’s Guide to Eastern Forests (the volume listing plants/animals of my area) showed up in Year 1, as if an invite had been sent. Amazing.

  3. Fern R says:

    Man…I’m pretty sure that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t attract a frog to my garden (I live in an urban area). Very cute!

  4. Tom says:

    What a great site. We live in Michigan…get only 90 days of nice weather a year, so we live for flowerboxes, raised gardens, and all the beauty one can squeeze in each of the 90! Nice piece on the toads…we just discovered one that looks like it’s 75 years old!

  5. margaret says:

    Welcome, Tom (and thank you, Curtis).
    As for old-soul toads, well, yes, exactly. Don’t they look wise and patient and like they have been around forever and know it all?

  6. GardenGrrrl says:

    Fern, we used to have lots of tree frogs in our Sacramento backyard, even though it was an urban area. I think someone must have had a pond or pool or something, but I wonder how they got there.

  7. writermom says:

    Fern, even a little pond will attract froggies. Mine is not much more than 450 gallons — a big hole, a liner, a pump and filters, rocks, water, fish and plants, plus patience, and I have so many frogs that I’m afraid my neighbors (I live in town) will call the police because after it rains, I’m pretty sure the froggies violate the city noise ordinance!

  8. diana says:

    Margaret, Be careful about kissing that fellow! We listened to a book on CD: “The Frog Princess,” on our way to Yellowstone NP and the results of frog kissing can be frightening! He (or she) is a really cute frog though.


  9. We have a colony of similar amphibious guests taking over the small but apparently attractive dug pond of our country house. Peepers and toads galore! And masses of tempting tadpoles amid the escaped goldfish … which might explain the great blue heron’s visits.

  10. islandexile says:

    There are so many miracles in a garden. We lived most of our lives in an old Spanish Colonisl Revival house. It had a walled garden with a small pool, and one morning, a frog. How did he get there? He seemed happy enough, though shy of us. Was he lonely?

  11. Layanee says:

    He is a beauty. You build a pond and they will come! I have some big ones at mine! Who doesn’t love a frog. Big mouth, no teeth, always smiling!

  12. margaret says:

    Welcome, Terra and welcome to you, too, Sam.

    @Terra: I am hoping that my new pared-down life is even more right-living than before…we shall see. Those were good days, and these are, too.

    @Sam: From inside the glass I guess you get to see how those suction-cups on their feet work, yes? Wild.

  13. Terra says:

    This is my first visit to your blog and I see that you got to visit and document gorgeous gardens! Wow, and they even paid you for that.
    Very “right living”, I have to say.
    I write garden articles (Victorian Homes and Country Woman have 2 articles by me this summer) but no one is sending me around the country to be surrounded by beauty :)
    I love green froggies and brown toads too. Such good garden residents.

  14. Andrea says:

    What a handsome fellow! I grew up with a brook in my backyard. We had tadpoles, frogs, sunfish and minnows. My mom had to beg me to come in. I miss it so.

  15. margaret says:

    Welcome, Banana! I assume you are gardening in the tropics? Hard to grow a good banana here, but frogs I am very successful with, a bumper crop each year of beautiful big (noisy) boys.

  16. ESP says:

    That is an amazing frog pic!
    I have caught a few this season too. Check them out!
    Great blog,
    Enjoy reading your posts.

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