MargaretRoachTractorA WAY TO GARDEN has been blessed to receive good words from both old and new media in its short time on earth. Some recent headlines include:

My 2011 book “And I Shall Have Some Peace There” got kudos from AOL and “People Magazine” and “MORE” and Martha and…they’re all here.

The New York Times, June 19, 2008: “An Executive’s Second Act,” by Anne Raver.

The Washington Post, September 11, 2008: “She’s in a Garden State of Mind.”

The ‘Martha’ TV show, September 17, 2008: “The Blogging Show”

WordPress Publisher Blog, June 29, 2008:“A Way to Garden Selects WordPress,” by Raanan Bar-Cohen.

Pink of Perfection blog: “POP Profile of Margaret Roach,” by Sarah McColl.

WAMC, Northeast Public Radio: July 28-30, on “The Roundtable,” a three-part interview with Margaret; streaming and podcasts to be available at wamc.org.

In February 2009: Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting blog, while calling me a “zookeeper” (in the nicest possible way), also called AWTG “a rich rich rich gardening blog.”

Also February: While waiting for some bananas to ripen, Alicia Paulson of Rosy Little Things (better known as Posie Gets Cozy blog) mused: “I want to be a gardener. Like Margaret.”

March 2009: Diane Gilleland, aka Sister Diane, a real missionary in the world of crafts, created a podcast with me this month on her Craftypod blog on the subject of creative cross-pollination. (I’m sorry, I just cannot stop speaking in botanical terms. It’s a compulsive disorder at this point.) I had such a nice time speaking with Diane (and she’s from Portland, Oregon, prime gardening territory); you can hear the podcast here.

Rural Intelligence, the indispensable year-old blog that’s a guide to the tri-state area I live in, helped me celebrate my first blog-a-versary with a 20-questions meme-type interview. If you live nearby, or you’re planning a visit to this area (maybe to see my garden), be sure to check in with RI first, and make a real day or weekend of it.

Summer 2009: April of Coal Creek Farm in Kansas had this rooster, you see, and this 8-foot square of dirt beside her porch steps, and just needed a suggestion for one good shrub, the very right shrub, please Margaret, tell me what to plant. Poor thing, I got her to dig up her whole front yard (and Walkin’ Charlie the rooster would have kept doing that for much less money). So be careful what you ask me for: Look how she ended up.

living room cabinetWho took that photo in my living room? When your lunch guest is as crafty and charming as founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of the popular Apartment Therapy, all you need to do is turn your back and poof! He’s off peering at your world through his Canon–and look what happens: an impromptu take on where I live, write, and ruminate. You can read his email and see the other photos here. You may recall it was Maxwell’s wife, Sara Kate, who showed you my kitchen, also in harvest season 2009.

Winter 2010: dallasEven though we don’t leave the house a lot in winter, Jack the Demon Cat and I get around. In January 2010, thanks to our new friend Mariana Greene, garden editor of The Dallas Morning News, we made our way south. We thought you might want to go see Dallas and Mariana yourselves, on her blog.

The garden and I thank all of the above hugely talented people for their very kind praise of us.

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