have you browsed my garden slideshows?

I KNOW, SOME OF YOU ARE ON TO THIS ALREADY, but in case you’re not: By clicking this link (equivalent to clicking the word “slideshows” in the “Topics” in the far-left column  of every page on the blog) you can browse through all the slideshows I’ve posted in two-plus years of blogging. King of fun, huh (especially if you’re someone who likes show-don’t-tell)? I love posting my photos taken in the yard here this way; what fun it has been for me. Hope you enjoy them, too. :)

  1. Georgia says:

    Thanks for pointing out your slideshow library. I watched “psychedelic spring: in praise of anthocyanins” because on a recent trip I saw lots of purpleleaf Norway and Japanese maples.

  2. Elizabeth Craig says:

    WOW!!!! your land and pictures are amazing, and your garen is heavenly., Which state are you in? That is our dream property, hopefully soon in the future…..I love gardening and trees and flowers…. may be not the snake though….

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Elizabeth. I am in the Hudson Valley of NY State, on the border or CT and MA. Thanks for your kinds words (yes, the snakes are plentiful in a healthy, organically tended garden!), and please come again soon.

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