happy one-month blog birthday!

I HOPE YOU WILL JOIN ME in wishing A Way to Garden a happy one-month birthday this week. It is young and barely rooted (note I did not say bare-rooted…we are in fact happily tucked into terra firma), but with your help it will flourish. It already is: More than 3,300 of you have visited a total of 8,300-plus times, when I had “forecast” that maybe 500 would come this first month. (My gardening is better than my forecasting, for which we should all be thankful.) If you like what you see, tell a friend: Use one of the icons made for sharing below each post, and pass along a little slip of something growing…us.

  1. sogalitno says:

    Love your blog. I can’t remember how I found it but its very inspiring .

    My garden is the backyard of my rental (i have one of the two ground apts). This is the third year and luckily more things are coming back this year than the second year. The first year was all about hardscaping (boy was it).

    Anyway, your blog has quickly come to the top of my daily must reads.

    Happy blogiversary!

    PS i resubbed to MSL and the surprise present was a canvas bag – with a note from you!

  2. margaret says:

    Dear Sogalitno,
    Welcome to A Way to Garden. You have me laughing out loud from two of your quips: “hardscaping (boy was it)” and the fact that the Martha Stewart Living sub comes with a note from me still. I think I will always be there partly in spirit (and apparently in signature), and in fact saw Martha yesterday morning for a meeting about a project we are working on, and we compared garden notes as ever (“What are you growing?” and “Is your xxxx blooming yet?”).
    Thanks for the smiles.

  3. margaret says:

    Uh-oh, Garden Guy Kenn has gone from his usual coffee to WINE. Such thing never happen here in MY life (insert smiley face but hate those emoticons I cannot figure out how to turn off so won’t dare do it…).
    Margaret (Gardener learning to be Geek)

  4. margaret says:

    What a coincidence, Elaine…I am still exploring some of its features, too (tee hee hee…I am supposed to know how this all works!). Thanks for being part of it from the start.

  5. GardenGuyKenn says:

    Happy one month!
    I agree with Sogalitno, “A Way to Garden” has become a daily stop for gardening inspiration, helpful hints, wonderful humor, and a chance to share with others. Whether it’s an early morning visit with a cup of coffee, a ‘sneak’ at lunchtime, or after a long day at the office, my visits to AWTG are always relaxing moments.
    For those that may not have read your essay, “A new cycle, a new season” (you’ll find it under ‘woo woo’) it’s so inspiring and speaks to the gardener in us all.

    *raises glass of wine*

    Here’s to a wonderfully long gardening season with friends.

  6. Elaine says:

    Yes, Happy One Month, Margaret. Your blog is truly inspiring and I, too, check it out daily, sometimes twice daily. Thank you for adding the Q & A forum. It is a great forum for all of us and thank you for all the hard work that went into putting it together for us. I am still trying out and exploring some of its features. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Charity says:

    Congratulations! I love this blog already. It inspires me in many ways. Hopefully I’ll be the proud owner of a country shack at some point, and swapping gardening stories as well (ok, begging for advice but either way you’ve got me hooked). In the meantime here’s to your continued success!

  8. margaret says:

    Dear Charity,
    Welcome to A Way to Garden. Now watch out about that country-shack idea: This whole thing started for me with a country shack more than 20 years ago, and now I’m here in it (well, slightly enhanced past shack level today) with a billion plants, a wacky cat and a computer.
    Hmm…come to think of it things could be worse!

  9. Andrew Ritchie says:

    Happy One Month! I’m so glad it’s been so successful. Martha ought to promote it, Margaret, not that it needs any official endorsement. You’ve proven you’re allure all by your lonesome! I’ve told just about everyone I know about it and have promoted it on my blog, so hope it just keeps growing.

    We are stardust
    We are golden
    And we’ve got to ourselves
    Back to the garden
    -Joni Mitchell

  10. margaret says:

    Welcome, Michelle. Glad we found each other n time for a full season together, thanks to Maxwell at AT, a blogging hero of mine. If you have any questions, my Forums are open, too…look forward to getting acquainted.

  11. Michelle says:

    I found you’re wonderful blog through a post at Apartment Therapy NY and I’ve been a faithful reader ever since. Late last year, my husband and I bought a house outside Burlington VT and this is our first season of getting our hands dirty. It’s been interesting and exciting to see what’s blooming in our yard–I’m still not really sure but it’s so nice to see anything green and leafy come up after such a long, crazy winter. Thanks for being such a fantastic resource. You arrived at just the right time.

  12. Randy says:

    Ms. Margaret, welcome to the blogging world and happy one month birthday to you! I’m really looking forward to reading and enjoying your blog. I just found it today by way of a nursery newsletter I received in my email. I’m sure the posted comments of your readers will reach unimaginable numbers very shortly, so I’m glad to get in and give my welcome in the earlier stages.

  13. Terri Clark says:

    I found out about your fab blog from my friend Dan Shaw. You might wonder why a Vancouver, BC, gardener would chime in but I am a native of the Hudson Valley and now have an ancient saltbox in Falls Village, Conn. which we visit serval times a year. This blog keeps me touch with “home” and is giving me a better idea on what kind of garden I’ll be able to plant that will thrive without a full-time resident on hand. I was back there for a brief visit the end of March, not a usual time that we visit. I had determined the fall before that in the spring I’d take down about half of the Sumac on the property. But being there in March I was thrilled to see flocks of robins feasting on the Sumac’s red seed heads and now I will leave most of the old stands that were left to grow when the previous owners had virtually abandoned the garden.
    But I digress.
    Happy anniversary form one whose garden may be far away but whose spirit is in Falls Village!
    Cheers and keep up the good work

  14. margaret says:

    It is never a digression to talk about birds and plants and their interrelationship–not here. I am outside mulching (just came in for H2O) and everyone is out there doing the aerial dance of spring–bluebirds, robins, pileated woodpeckers, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, swallows and on and on. My pals. Love it.

  15. margaret says:

    Welcome! I like imagining “unimaginable numbers,” from your lips to…
    Yes, old friend and beloved plant source Tony Avent just did me a very nice turn, including me in his newsletter today. Wow! A vote of confidence from Plant Delights ain’t bad, is it. So glad you stopped by…

  16. margaret says:

    Welcome! I am so glad to see you here, a reunion of old friends. Maybe we can swap some plants…in person.

  17. Eileen Cohen says:

    Hi Margaret and Congratulations on a new and brilliant endeavor. I will read and try to follow lots of your upstate advice – especially now that it all relates to our special area. Hope to see you soon.


  18. Molly Glentzer says:

    Hi, Margaret,
    My boss at the Houston Chronicle, Jeff Cohen, tipped me toward your spectacular site.
    Here along the Gulf Coast, we’ll soon be basking in velvet, humid air — our most Antebellum time of year. As much as I love the jasmine, magnolias and gardenias of our May, it’s also refreshing sometimes to step for a few moments into your cooler green world (even when you have a heat wave!) up North.
    You might check out our blogs at chron.com/houstongardening.
    Molly Glentzer

  19. margaret says:

    Welcome, Molly.
    Well, we have gardenias, too…at the florist this month, that is.
    Frost here tonight and again tomorrow, after 10 days of 80ish and two of 45 or 50 on the way down to…we shall see.
    I will check the paper’s blogs, and say hello to Jeff. Nice of him to mention A Way to Garden to you.

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