golden days: is yellow spring’s favorite color?

gold elm detailI KEEP WONDERING WHY (SCIENTIFICALLY SPEAKING) the first weeks of spring seem to be so inclined to glow in solid gold. Is it something about co-evolution and early season pollinators liking the color, or just a side effect of how we’ve selected what plants we make our gardens from over the history of the nursery industry? (These are the kinds of things I think about, you see.) Whatever the “why,” the “what” is pretty great, and so an homage to spring’s favorite color: yellow.

drift of hylomeconI love the way gold makes things seem to advance; the way it grabs my attention, screaming (never whispering). That’s a mass of Hylomecon japonicum, just above, and a detail of a golden elm leaf, top.

Click on the first thumbnail to start the slideshow, then toggle from slide to slide using the arrows beside each caption. Enjoy!

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