giveaway: brad kessler’s soaring books

IAM AFRAID OF FLYING, BUT RIGHT AT HOME WITH BIRDS. So Brad Kessler’s 2006 novel “Birds in Fall,” a story of the aftermath of a plane crash in which two characters are bird biologists, wielded a powerful but tricky pull. Loving it, I then quickly read Kessler’s memoir, “Goat Song,” a tale of leaving behind the city for a pastoral life in New England. The other day, there both books were in a bookshop I was speaking at, and I knew they would become the subject of this latest giveaway. Come enter to win. (Photo: Dona Ann McAdams.)

  1. Coastal Jan says:

    Goat Song. The title is intriguing, and I immensely enjoy reading stories of people who make major life changes. Looking to get spurred on, I suppose.

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