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ISEEM TO BE A BIT SHORT HERE ON YOUTH, SPOUSES, AND CHILDREN…but even with these differences in the facts of our lives, I loved the new memoir called “Made for You and Me” by 30-something wife and mother Caitlin Shetterly. I was so glad to meet her recently in one of those chance happenings of this new-author whirlwind we both are in the exhausting midst of. Like my own story, Caitlin’s is about finding one’s true home—which is not necessarily the place where everyone thinks you belong. That is what we are discussing today over on the book blog: the notion of where do you find, or feel at, home? Meet Caitlin, and win her book (or mine) in the process, perhaps.

  1. Joanna says:

    Home! Is where I am, at this moment at this time! I am blessed with a feeling of home wherever I go and I have now lived in four different countries and visited a few more. I know though that for some though there is a need to be rooted somewhere as so many feel rootless, so indeed a very good question.

  2. Jeannie says:

    I have your book, Margaret and use it often. Well, I will if it ever warms up! Ms. Shetterly’s book sounds fabulous. Thanks for sharing it.

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