giveaway: a way to garden turns 3 years old!

THIS WEEK MARKS THREE YEARS since I started A Way to Garden–which many of you think is actually Away to Garden, and an intentional double-entendre, because I’d just left the city for life in the garden when I began blogging. But no, I’m not that clever, at least not consciously. The blog is named for my 1998 book with a four-word title, and though you cannot tell that in the all-run-together url, the green masthead up top (adapted from the cover, see?) is proof. To celebrate, I’m offering a giveaway of two copies of that now-collectible volume that is the site’s namesake…if only you will answer this:

Have you bought my new book yet? (Tee hee. )

The actual question to enter the third-anniversary drawing:

What’s your favorite story or kind of story so far in your travels around my garden site?

(Not sure? Try the “Browse by Topic” List in the far-left narrow column on every page, which you can also access here if you prefer to browse by images. Or start with the “Best Of” top-50 page, or my latest offering, just compiled this week: Margaret’s Madcap Favorites (the ones I had fun doing or find myself referring back to or that just stick in my mind for who knows what reason).

So now tell us: What do you like best? The Andre doodles? Slideshows? Technique posts, like how to graft tomatoes? A recipe, a particular plant profile, an essay? Or what?

How to Enter

WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED at random using the tool at random [dot] org. Entries close at midnight Eastern on Thursday, March 10, with winners to be announced the next day. All you have to do to enter is comment below, saying what you like the most on this website.

Note: “A Way to Garden” (the book) goes for up to $200-plus on the used-book circuit; when I checked today, there wasn’t one available for under $65. So when I promised in the latest newsletter that we’d have a special celebration for this very big anniversary, I meant it. (What? You don’t subscribe to the free email newsletter?)

Thanks to all of you, old friends and new, for making A Way to Garden such a positive community. I look forward to another spring (summer, fall, and yes, even winter) together, and then some. First, though, don’t leave this page without putting your response in the comments: What about A Way to Garden (note: that’s four words, or one if it’s the url) makes you come back for more?

  1. Donna says:

    I get lost on your website! (in a *good* way, that is). I start reading one great article, then I find a link to another good one you wrote, and another, and before you know it I’ve spent two hours laughing and learning. So thanks for everything!
    P.S. Love Jack the Demon Cat!

  2. Sonja Mandt says:

    Yes I bought your new book and I love it! I have recommended it to
    many of my friends. Your website is informative. I love everyday I get more than one facebook update directing me to new updates your site. I get useful gardening tips. It it’s always fun to a quick break from work and enjoy a great read.

  3. Sue says:

    I’m fairly new to reading you, but what I think I like best is the combination of articles. Of course, the gardening ones are really great, even though you grow in a very different climate than I do.
    The Andre cartoons are cute but they don’t really pull me over here like your regular posts do.
    I’ve been trying to find a copy of your first book and the best I’ve been able to do is put it on hold at my local library. Looking forward to reading it!

  4. Sebette says:

    Love the slideshows. I am a very visual person and even though I love to read I particularly love roaming your gardens.

  5. Mellodi says:

    How can I choose what I love? :) All the tips and monthly chores list. To all your loves stories, slideshows and illustrations by Andre. I love everything about this site it makes me feel at home. Thank you for doing what you have for the last three years and sharing it all with us. <3


    Dear Margaret,
    I love everything that you share on herbs but the pesto ones are my favorites.
    My herb garden is 40 years old and still very prolific. I love everything about them. You had been an enjoyment in Martha’s magazine and having seen you on the show I’ve found you again. Yea!

  7. Wendy says:

    I’ve been a bit reluctant to do anything about beginning a garden in my shaded front yard. Okay, not just a bit reluctant, but reluctant to a major degree… and rather overwhelmed. I have 14 oaks (blacks and whites) and one shagbark hickory. The oaks are fairly old with very high branches. It’s very much a dry shade area with a bit of dappling, but not much. I know the soil will need amending to a more neutral pH. However, your slideshow on “10 great groundcovers to rely upon” has given me new hope. I loved learning that several attractive groundcovers are not adverse to dry shade. I am willing to water to help plants establish and (more than likely) in time of severe drought, but I want to be able to keep having to water to a minimum. I’m also very interested in working with native plants, as they are plants that have adapted to and thrived in an area over a long course time — as the saying goes, “You can’t argue with success.” Maybe I’ve just not found a section on your site about using native plants yet, but I would love to see more on that topic if possible.

    I truly enjoy your both your newsletters and Facebook posts. Thanks for all that you do!

  8. anna says:

    My favorite would no doubt be the frogs. Water gardens and frogs. You know the ones with the round ears. They are so sweet and keep down the bugs. I have come to like my frogs that hang out in the watering cans round here, clearly my special treat.

  9. Carol says:

    I’d have to say that my favorite part of your site are the slideshows. They’re filled with lots of good information !!!

  10. Julie says:

    I bought and read your new book. I saw you at Tower Hill Botanic Garden this past weekend. What I like best is you always have something interesting and timely to say, like about the weather here in the northeast. But I also like your articles on plants, when I feel the need for something new, or need advice on a type of plant (such as small trees), there is always a story out there for that. In the past I belonged to a garden center’s joking “GC anonymous” club, for those of us who were addicted to new plants, as it seems you are too. And in your book and lecture, I really enjoy your observations of nature, since all of us gardeners have a chance to see nature in a different way, and see it up close. I collect gardening books, and would love a copy of your “old” one, and totally look forward to any new ones you write!

  11. Pat says:

    I just found you! How happy am I, with spring approaching! I just learned how to care for my lilacs!! We recently bought a 3.5 acre property with lots of older plantings in need of TLC. I’m anxious to cut my blooms this year and use the “”hammer””!!

  12. geanna says:

    I can’t imagine picking one thing, you inspire me every time I click on, it’s so beautifuly done,my favorite I guess, would be all the slideshows,I too find such peace with gardening,as my dad passed this nov,I will cherish , all the bulbs he gave me. blooms, butterflies and hummingbirds, plant, they will come,as he said. and they do.thank you ,hope your always a click away.

  13. Tia Matthews says:

    I’m new to this gardedning thing and appreciate you site for all the easy to find and follow tip on starting a vegetable garden. I can’t wait to pick my own tomatoes. thanks.

    So my favorite part of your site is everything under vegetables!!

  14. Brian Deniz says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I was looking online last week for this book and couldn’t believe the price! It was over $200.00 like you said. But I did purchase “and I shall have peace there”, love it! Fingers crossed xx on winning

    Best Regards,

    Brian Deniz

  15. Jean says:

    Yes, I have your book and am savoring it, as it touches me on so many levels so far- beyond my expectations.
    ‘have followed your wonderful blog religiously, too many faves to mention but ‘will try:
    I love your writing, the slideshows, videos, instruction, whimsy, mini virtual tour, Andre Jordan, hellebore porn, weeds I.D., composting, raised beds, any mention of Jack the Demon Cat, book recommendations, frogboys, food related, and spirituality/personal growth subject matter as well. I’m sure I’m missing something… The book trailer is excellent and ‘love the book soundtrack concept and choices- fun!
    Happy 3rd Anniversary, Margaret, and congrats and best wishes on your new book.
    Thanks for all you share.

  16. Gardener Gail says:

    Yes, I just bought your new book on my Kindle yesterday–can’t wait to begin reading it!
    I loved the article with Geoffery Charlesworth’s poem. What a wonderful humor!

    I’ve just found your blog, and will be returning here many times.

  17. Kathy says:

    I wish you a long wonderful growing season – to erase all the memories of snow. Soon it will be here – the fern fronds will poke their little bitty heads up, the worms will wiggle to the surface and evade the robins, and the sun will shine gloriously!

  18. Jean says:

    Yes, I have your book, and am savoring it so far. I have been following your wonderful blog religiously for quite some time and have many faves: I love your writing, slideshows, videos, mini virtual tour, whimsies, instruction, food related subjects, spiritual/personal growth matters, the weeds I.D., composting, raised beds, Andre Jordan, the hellebore porn, any mention of Jack the Demon Cat, and the excellent book trailer and the book soundtrack concept and choices- fun! I’m sure I’m missing something.
    Happy 3rd Anniversary, Margaret, and congrats and best wishes on your new book!
    Thanks for all you share and teach.

  19. Tim Jackson says:

    I am sure that there is no way a book will be sent to Australia but I would still like to say I have never been on a garden blog as beautiful as this!
    I am a newcomer to it, so it would be wrong to pretend I know what every section of this blog contained, but I can’t believe how much information, how many beautiful photos and what a great collection of fabulous ideas and inspiration it contains and all to do with my favourite thing in the world, after my family, gardens!!! Yes, I will be a subscriber, a reader, a blogger or whatever I have to be to keep reading this!!! Thank you to my friend Kirsty for putting me onto your blog!!!

  20. kim says:

    I appreciate your view of things, your hearty spirit and your love of the garden and of course I coudn’t agree more that peace is found in the garden dirt.
    Continue on girl…

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