giveaway: a way to garden turns 3 years old!

THIS WEEK MARKS THREE YEARS since I started A Way to Garden–which many of you think is actually Away to Garden, and an intentional double-entendre, because I’d just left the city for life in the garden when I began blogging. But no, I’m not that clever, at least not consciously. The blog is named for my 1998 book with a four-word title, and though you cannot tell that in the all-run-together url, the green masthead up top (adapted from the cover, see?) is proof. To celebrate, I’m offering a giveaway of two copies of that now-collectible volume that is the site’s namesake…if only you will answer this:

Have you bought my new book yet? (Tee hee. )

The actual question to enter the third-anniversary drawing:

What’s your favorite story or kind of story so far in your travels around my garden site?

(Not sure? Try the “Browse by Topic” List in the far-left narrow column on every page, which you can also access here if you prefer to browse by images. Or start with the “Best Of” top-50 page, or my latest offering, just compiled this week: Margaret’s Madcap Favorites (the ones I had fun doing or find myself referring back to or that just stick in my mind for who knows what reason).

So now tell us: What do you like best? The Andre doodles? Slideshows? Technique posts, like how to graft tomatoes? A recipe, a particular plant profile, an essay? Or what?

How to Enter

WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED at random using the tool at random [dot] org. Entries close at midnight Eastern on Thursday, March 10, with winners to be announced the next day. All you have to do to enter is comment below, saying what you like the most on this website.

Note: “A Way to Garden” (the book) goes for up to $200-plus on the used-book circuit; when I checked today, there wasn’t one available for under $65. So when I promised in the latest newsletter that we’d have a special celebration for this very big anniversary, I meant it. (What? You don’t subscribe to the free email newsletter?)

Thanks to all of you, old friends and new, for making A Way to Garden such a positive community. I look forward to another spring (summer, fall, and yes, even winter) together, and then some. First, though, don’t leave this page without putting your response in the comments: What about A Way to Garden (note: that’s four words, or one if it’s the url) makes you come back for more?

  1. Sharon says:

    I missed the deadline!!! Oh no!!!!!
    I love the ‘to do’ lists/chore lists
    I need to be reminded of stuff which is somewhat time sensitive [and I love the way they vary according to how a particular season is progressing in terms of weather
    will we ever find ground dry enough to work THIS spring???????

  2. Sharon Weinmann says:

    Greetings Margaret,

    I considered getting your newest book for my Nook, but it is too beautiful. I have purchased both for their beauty. Thank you so much. I have enjoyed your work for many years.

    1. Margaret says:

      Thank you, Sharon, and welcome. How kind of you and how generous with your support and encouragement. Don’t be a stranger!

  3. Gayla T says:

    You are a cruel woman! I found this link at the bottom of your dear departed’s poem. which by the way I loved and have lived. I am sooo excited to see you are giving this wonderful book away and yes, I’ve already been online looking for it and found it at the exact prices you have quoted here. And only then do I realize that the deadline was last March, before I found you. I would like to have a bit of an lin line temper tantrum but of course I won’t rish being banned for life from this wonderful site. And yes, I did buy your book but Christmas is coming and I am thinking of my dear daughter-in-law who needs a good book. She’s a teacher and I think she is getting burned out. Ot, is could just be that she lives with my son. LOL That is only to be undertaken by a strong woman. About the Way to Garden, I’ll just keep looking at out local library sale. I have read their copy so I know how much I like it. We are to get out first big freeze here on Wed. night so it will be a busy few days getting things in or covered but I’m afraid that at 27 degrees cover might not be enough. Just so everyone will continue to love you, it would be a kindness to remove that contest and not torture old ladies. God Bless you and your garden.

  4. Barbara says:

    I grew carrots for the first time this year after reading your post, and following your guest. He was certainly correct about his advise of planting radish seeds, and carrot seeds together. I harvested the radishes, then the carrots at a later time, and they are awesome. I also followed you when you were the editor when Martha was away from her magazine. I did buy your second book, and would love to read your first one. I am also a Guidance Counselor at a middle school, and used your second book as my book talk for the year. My students love to hear about gardening adventures, and I am able to share career counseling as a way to find the things you love to pursue, and reach for those goals. Margaret you are one example I use often as someone who had a career, and gained valuable skills, and moved towards another career which I believe satisfied your personal goal of self fulfillment. You have inspired me, as well as my students to reach for what you want to be, and follow that dream. Thanks,

  5. Anne says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you in Greenville NY when you gave your talk at the library – Gardening 365 Day a Year. Could not imagine this title, but you gave me a new way of looking at everything during the entire year; by planting certain plants that would give interesting structure while covered with snow:-)

    Your news letter is always informative but after reading/looking at it – I am left with a sense of ‘peace’ – Thank you!

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Anne, and so nice to hear from you! Glad the talk made a lasting impression; I love giving it. Happy New Year and all the best to you.

  6. Diane says:

    I love and trust your wonderful articles. Thank you for being so reliable, entertaining and ‘down-to-earth’ (ha ha). Happy New Year and Happy 3rd Anniversary.

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