garden no-no’s (part 1)

I CAN SEE this blog will soon become a list of rules and to-do’s (or not to-do’s), so here’s another thread we can start together. What are your garden no-no’s? Mine are many, including these two:
Dyed green bamboo stakes. If the local garden center doesn’t have good-quality, strong, natural-colored ones, try A.M. Leonard—I order by the bundle, and they last practically forever. A great value compared to tiny packets of quick-to-split, spindly stakes in no-green-nature-ever-imagined.
Dyed rust-colored mulch (do you sense a theme here?). Any dyed mulch, in fact, is a no-no. Mulch is not a decor item, like a throw rug or a bedspread; it needn’t (shouldn’t) match the siding, please. A medium-textured, natural-colored organic material like composted stable bedding is what you are seeking. Trust me, I worked for Martha. Paint the patio furniture, not the mulch.

So go ahead: tell me (in comments field) what you hate. Once we get going I think I’ll add “Complaint Dept.” to the list of categories where posts get archived and shovel all these not-to-do’s in there. After all, who doesn’t like to complain?

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