fungi galore: a virtual feast of mushrooms

LATELY EVERYTHING’S COMING UP MUSHROOMS. Or so it seemed to me the last few days, when a story from the archives that I’d done on my fascination with fungi rose again into popularity, thanks to “thumb’s up” votes out of nowhere on StumbleUpon. The internet is funny that way. But then I wondered: Was the renewed popularity of my post a coincidence, or connected to other online mushroom-themed sightings I was suddenly aware of, like these:

As ever, DesignSpongeOnline outdid itself, with a Feb. 11 post about the pursuit of fungi—at farm markets, retail shops and on walks in the wild of the Bay Area of California.  Beautiful.

I never thought of arranging mushrooms, but probably because I never pick them, but leave them in their places to do their work at the bottom of the food chain. But wow, the Tumblr blog called Things Organized Neatly caught my eye.

My spore-filled story on my growing fascination with fungus, with lots of great reference links, is here.

(Thanks to Shandell’s as ever for sharing the vintage mushroom images. She makes decorative things with her giant collection of period artwork. Mushroom or other vintage motif matchbox, lampshade, coasters, trash can, tissue box, anyone?)

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