full circle: my reunion with martha, on tv today

NO, THAT’S NOT A PHOTO FROM YEARS AGO. That was Wednesday of this week, when I traveled back in time to see my friend Martha Stewart, and tape two segments for her Friday, February 25 show. Our reunion included tears (true!), talk of Jack the Demon Cat, of human boyfriends that I don’t have, and cooking a up pot of homemade vegetarian heirloom baked beans. All I can say is we definitely didn’t follow the script! See for yourself on the Hallmark Channel today at 10 AM EST, or stream it on Martha’s site (use the main player at this link). Enjoy!

  1. Iluvpigs says:

    I have lived in NY State all of my life. In my 48 years, I have lived in Brasher Falls, Massena, Syracuse, and Cortland. I have vacationed in Lake Placid, Lake George, Albany, and Buffalo. In all of my travels, I have never run across, through, or been in a town called Upstate. I have heard of it often, usually from people who live in or near New York City. I was happy to hear from Martha, during your interview, that you actually live in Upstate, NY. I was interested to know that it is a small town of 300 people located in the Berkshires. This information confused me, though. Syracuse is known as Central New York. So, how can a town that is around 150 miles south of Central New York be Upstate?

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Iluvpigs (I love pigs, too — they make me burst out laughing, actually; amazing animals). Seems that whenever people are in NYC and talk about moving outside NYC into New York State somewhere, they refer to it as “upstate”. In fact I live in the upper Hudson Valley, in Columbia County, on the borders of Litchfield County, CT, and Berkshire County, MA. So relative to NYC this is upstate; relative to Massena (where my mother’s family settled in the first years they were in the U.S.) or Canton (where my sister went to college) I do not live “upstate.” I guess everything is relative, and she was speaking relative to where I left from. :)

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Jane, and thank you. So much fun meeting new people and being reconnected to those I knew back there. See you soon!

  2. Sheila Mesick says:

    Home today, sick day, never get to watch Martha Stewart. Hearing and seeing you spoke to me directly. Tough year with some glimmer of hope, my first grandchild. Regardless I have had this pull to take off to my late Father’s farm in Kentucky. There is not a structure or a house, running water, or electricity. 891/2 acres in the middle of three farms. I have this urge to build a small structure and just have a place to go. I am weary of the pull on me. Is this being irresponsible, coping out, or is it the call of something needed? Insight Margaret?

    living in Iowa,

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Sheila. I see they just posted the segments on the Martha sit to play on the computer, if you wish. As for decisions, and pulls, I think it’s very individual — and requires a lot of list-making and analysis and budgeting and so on. I know that I sat and thought it over again and again, figuring out what needed to give to make it work, and I’m still doing that. I was/is a big balancing act: what can I trim to be able to be here; what can I do instead for work FROM here, etc. A puzzle, but one I am happy to be working on all the time now. But there is definitely no universal answer…

  3. heather says:

    Margaret – that was a great episode – you come across so genuine (not overly ‘media trained’ the way so many do) and I can’t wait to read the book.

    I love your home, too. We’re a few towns north of you with a big yard and terrible gardening skills (sigh). Thanks for giving me the how-to’s and determination to improve.

  4. Emily Knight says:

    Saw you on Martha and loved your home, garden and especially the beautiful cat. Loved hearing his story. So glad he found you. I look forward to reading your blog.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Emily, and thank you. He is one of life’s great blessings, it turns out, even though I was not a pet person (and he wakes me up at 4:30 AM). Hope to see you here regularly; enjoy!

  5. Louise says:

    I so enjoyed seeing you on the show. You are so wise to council making lists and all to those who ponder moving to a country life. I discovered I had a talent with plants after getting a house in the Catskills in western New York. I crave more time to garden, but am lucky enough to spend weeks at a time there.

    Your blog always inspires me, and I will see the flowers soon in my wet, shady side of the yard so happily. Your photos of color in shady areas helped me plant native and beautiful plants and I find peace there. Now to get your book….


    1. Margaret says:

      Hello, Louise — so nice to get your feedback, and also to hear that you are finding more time in the Catskills (beautiful country!). I can see them from the top of my back yard…so I’ll be keeping an eye on you, tee hee.

  6. sylvia funk says:

    I too wondered where you went, and here you are on Martha which I record every day. I love your house and garden and am glad to find this. I live in a very old house too(1840), but I have out done you in the cat department with five. Your Jack is one handsome guy,.. I’m so glad you found each other and on that tragic day of all days. I envy your life. You made a wise choice.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome Sylvia. FIVE? Oh, goodness. Now that would be a LOT of pet hair. :) We are happy here together and I suspect he would not give an inch of his domain to another feline…he is the king, or so he behaves. But I can discuss it with him… :)

  7. sylvia funk says:

    I have four lovely feline girls any one of which would make a good girlfriend for your Jack. But I have a 21 pound male, Henry, who would probably have issues with that..

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