from the forum: tomato faves and proper latin

LIKE THE GARDEN ITSELF, THE FORUM KEEPS GROWING. Thanks to many of you for joining in! Among my favorite threads of conversation this week: a discussion of favorite tomato varieties (won’t you share yours?), started by member Megansgreen, and another (posted by  Sailorgirl) on the p’s and q’s of botanical Latin (a subject I always adore). So come speak up, won’t you?  Many more subjects to be had, or start one of your own.

  1. Erin says:

    I just have to say that the forum worked out so well for me in getting an answer to that question (on punctuating botanical names). I was helping someone edit a story they were submitting to the Home and Garden section of the newspaper and trying to figure that out was driving me nuts.

    I love the forum and I really hope it takes off. It’s a great resource and I find it to be a very friendly place.

    Erin aka Sailorgirl

    1. Margaret says:

      @Erin: You made me smile. Thanks for the feedback. My hope is that as the season progresses, the Forum just grows and grows… :)

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