from the forum: organic weed control?

WHAT’S YOUR TACTIC FOR KILLING WEEDS WITHOUT CHEMICALS? That’s what member Megansgreen asked recently in the Urgent Garden Question Forum, because her driveway gets infested with grass (so does mine, and the front pathway, too). Got any tactics for chemical-free weed control? We’d love to hear. Share them in the thread on the topic in the Forum now (and you can learn what ours are, too).

  1. jan says:

    Everytime I have leftover boiling water….such as from spaghetti or after canning, I take the pot out to the patio bricks, or driveway and pour along the weeds, boiling those weeds to death. I enjoy this immensely!….and the next morning….wilt!

  2. Karla says:

    As a rule, I rely on hand pulling and mulch to help keep the weeds in check, but for those driveway type situations, if you have a sunny driveway, there’s a great organic weed killer called Burn-out II. It works with the power of the sun–that’s why you need a sunny spot. And it works fast–within a couple of hours. I don’t trust myself with transporting all that boiling water–even in a closed tea kettle!

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