from the forum: ideas for raised beds

WHAT CAN A RAISED BED BE BUILT FROM, and what dimensions should it have? That question, from member LuckyKate44, was my favorite this week on the Urgent Garden Question Forum, where moderator Leslie and others are busy offering up answers from wattle to locust, talking the pros and cons of pressure-treated, and more. What’s your take on raised beds? Come share it now.

  1. Patricia says:

    Just caught an old Victory Garden episode where they featured the “Victory Garden” at the San Francisco Civic Center. They were very PC, they made all thier beds by making long forms of rice straw wrapped in something like burlap and tied. These straw filled tubes, one stacked on top of the other, formed a circle and the plants were put in the center. Because the circle was rather large, they did a keyhole effect. By that I mean the circle did not connect and a pathway was left so one could reach the center. There is no reason these could not be done in squares or rectangles.
    This seems like a lot of work but when I consider the cost of straw, burlap and twine as compared to the lowest grade redwood I used, if I were making more I would consider it.

  2. ann says:

    The absolute easiest raised bed must be gardening in straw bales.
    Our son raised prize watermelon in one.A neighbor had bales
    left from Christmas Scene, he delivered 6 bales to me and will attempt
    to grow peppers, cucumber, eggplant with nasturiums trailing from the side.
    I did say ATTEMPT as we have had no days above 50 degrees F, yet.

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