from the forum: garden losses, sun groundcovers

LOST ANYTHING IN THE GARDEN LATELY (besides your mind)? That’s the question Forum member Boodely poses in the Urgent Garden Question Forum this week, and I’m confessing to eyeglasses, every manner of tool and more. (Usually my MIA items turn up when I turn the compost heap.) Lost anything in your garden? On the very practical side comes a twist on the groundcover question, which usually includes the words “for shade.” Not this time. Member Joyhockman wants groundcovers for sun. Got any to suggest? Remember: The Forum is free, and moderator Leslie and I and other members are “on duty” enough of the time that you’ll probably get your answer before too long.

  1. Susan says:

    I’ve lost many many things over the years, but the most interesting find in my compost heap was a set of keys…………..that I never even knew I lost!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Susan. Maybe that’s where those keys I lost a few years ago are… :) The heap can swallow up anything, it seems. Hope to see you again soon, and thanks for saying hello.

  2. Bob Scherer says:

    Re groundcovers for sun – here’s a link to one of my favorites – Dwarf Lingonberry: http://www.paghat.com/lingonberrydwarf.html

    Mine grow in two spots that I would consider part-sun. They are thriving & spread (slowly) into anything nearby and wend their way between & around rocks. They are low-growing and evergreen. I love them here in southern Maine (5b).

  3. DD says:

    I live in an upscale neighborhood on a 1/3 acre corner lot next to a big field. No one else in my neighborhood faces the weed problems I do living as they do next to each other – clean, weedless lawns. But, as a member of my organic garden club, I’m not supposed to use any herbicides, because of the several generations of squirrels that happily reside there. But, this spring has undone me – weeds are everywhere. A single woman, I work a full day at an office, and then do all my own yardwork, and my back is killing me from pulling weeds. Any advice?

    1. Margaret says:

      @DD: I’m afraid that all there is is hand-pulling (or digging) and more hand-pulling, “solarizing” or smothering with plastic sheeting or other material (when you want to kill off a whole area of weeds), which is a great tactic for the cracks and crevices in a patio or walkway, for instance, where it’s really tedious grubbing out every little weed. I put a plastic sheet on the area for a week or two on sunny days and it really knocks little pesky things back. Using mulch in your beds will help prevent some weeds from germinating as well. And yes, there are non-toxic (or at least less-toxic) herbicides made from acetic acid and such, but frankly I Just weed and weed some more. If you figure out the secret, let us know!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I use a propane torch to burn some weeds off, especially in gravel pathways………..or between pavers. It works best if you get them when they are small.

    1. margaret says:

      You know, Rebecca, it’s time for me to get a weed-flamer of some kind, so thank you for the thought. I have a few crack-and-crevice spots that are just too tenacious and time-consuming. I will investigate! See you soon, I hope.

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