from the forum: can i compost weeds?

FORUM MEMBER TERRYK IS SO RIGHT TO ASK: Whether or not we can add weeds to our compost heaps without risking weed-filled finished compost is a confusing topic. Won’t all their seeds sprout, or runners survive–especially in a slow-cook, not-so-hot heap? This week, we have the answer in the Urgent Garden Question Forum…thanks to some advice from our English gardening brethren (and a couple of giant plastic bags). Find out how it all works right here.

  1. terryk says:

    I’ve been busy back at wok but thanks for the info. The bagging method sounds great! I’ll put it facing a south wall and cook them to death for sure!

  2. Abby says:

    If I didn’t compost weeds, I would have very little compost. My “method” is to just pile it all up and let it sit. Weed seeds are not killed so I have to smother the compost with mulch when I use it, but I have never had a problem with Canada thistle growing from the compost, so it must rot well.

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