frogboys on google page rank of 6: unanimous ‘no comment’

'no comment'WHEN NEWS ARRIVED YESTERDAY on our 4-month blog-aversary that A Way to Garden had earned its first Google Page Rank ever—a robust 6!—the staff uttered no comment. Well, the occasional “urp,” but basically nobody even got out of the pool to party. “Wow,” I told them, “Guy Kawasaki at Alltop put us on the top row among garden sites yesterday, too!” But did anybody out back care? Now perhaps you see what I’m up against. Thanks to all of you for your role in making our funny little blog a success, for reacting to our stories by sharing yours. Keep the comments coming (but please, say more than “urp,” OK?).

  1. Kathy says:

    Good Morning Margaret, So you attract the strong silent type….I’m jealous. Yesterday I looked like a frogboy when I got done weeding in my garden, but not as cute. Congratulations, I love your website and look forward to it every morning.

  2. Paige says:

    You just need some staff with slightly better verbal ability. I’m happy to help out, but my face won’t look as cute peeking up out of the pool. Those pics are great.

  3. diana says:

    I’m guessing you not hearing a peep out of them because they’re green with envy!

    Just returned from a backpacking trip in the Oh-Be-Joyful wilderness area near Crested Butte, CO. The frogs up there were in full chorus mode and the wildflowers were incredible.

    Congratulation, diana

  4. Andrew says:

    Margaret, seeing those three froggies in a row like that has me thinking of a wall full of your frog photos in your house, all nicely framed.

    The decorator in me shall never be silenced, I’m afraid. Not even by a chorus of frog songs. (Maybe ‘urp’ means Hallelujah in Frog.)


  5. Donna Oglesby says:

    Excellent! Even the visiting green guy in my small pond was heard from this morning: a plop, and then “bravo!”

  6. Brent says:

    Congratulations, Margaret. I always knew you were a power player.

    Now I’m going to put your gardening acumen (or that of your readers to the test). We inherited a beautiful lily bed when we bought our farm and would love some help at identifying some of the varieties. If you look at my blog,
    you’ll see a photo of each one of them. Also, when do you know if you need to thin them out?

  7. margaret says:

    @All: I have just been outside w/the boys, and have read them all that you said, every one of you. Their response:
    “No comment.”
    I think they are a little embarrassed at being quoted so much this summer; before the blog, we kept our relationship very private. :)

    @Brent: Most of what you have are daylilies, genus Hemerocallis, though there are two in the series of lovely pix that are true lilies, or Lilium. The two I mean are more elongated and trumpet-like (and their foliage would be quite different and not grassy, like the daylilies’).
    The lilies are bulbs; the daylilies perennials with very fleshy roots. You treat the differently as a result…and if you don’t need to move them, don’t move the true lilies. (If you must, do so after the foliage fades in early fall, and super-carefully).
    The daylilies…well, they are super-tough. You can divide them after bloom and spread them around, or you can divide about anytime. You need to if they are failing to flower well or looking really overcrowded, perhaps every three to five years (but they won’t die or anything even if you fail to).
    As for telling you their names…there are more than 35,000 named daylilies on the market, or some such astonishing number, so not a prayer.

  8. Tammy says:


    Your princely trio is just giving you the Royal silent treatment but I say CONGRATS!
    Love your blog!!!!!

  9. dawndoll says:

    Congrats! Maybe your frogs are a bit like Droopy – smiling on the inside…

    I look forward to 4 more months – and 4 more after that, and 4 more after that, and…


  10. andrea says:

    The boys may not have much to say, however, they seem to be good listeners and are there for you whenever you need them. Actually, looks as though they won’t be leaving you. Ever. And that’s a good thing.

    Congrats on 4 months and Google. Just the beginning!

  11. James Novara says:

    Hi Margaret!

    Success like this doesn’t come cheap. Clearly the frog boys are seeking representation and you’re just going to have to wait to hear from their agent. Don’t let them push you around too much. :)

    You’ve done a fantastic job and this is just the beginning of some very well deserved recognition.

    Good for you!


  12. margaret says:

    @James: OH NO…I hadn’t even thought of that. Of course they’re waiting till their agent tells them how to play the situation. I am sunk. I’ll have to start running ads on this blog or something to pay the piper…

  13. James Novara says:

    Very true…

    Let me know if you need a financial analyst with a knack for technology to help you keep track of all that ad revenue and how much of it is going to the Frog Boys. ;)

  14. margaret says:

    Welcome, Deborah. No laughing matter…I am here with a growing bunch of recalcitrant frogs. Could be the beginning of gang violence in Columbia County (do they travel in gangs, flocks, packs? Oh that’s right, they travel in ARMIES. True. Help!) :) See you soon?

  15. margaret says:

    Welcome, Kat, and thank you for the good words. I really can’t tell the boys that there is yet ANOTHER admirer right now, sorry. As James (above) pointed out, they are angling for representation by an agent we fear and any ego boosts…well, A Way to Garden is nonprofit enough already! See you soon again.

  16. Kat says:

    Congratulations on the success of your blog! After discovering it about a month ago, I’m completely hooked. And I’m more than a little bit in love with your boys…

  17. amy says:

    i saw an animal planet show — animal cops? — and a humane officer seized bull frogs from a restaurant. they had been piled up in a colander! after they were deemed healthy they were released in the Bronx, some nature preserve, and you could tell how happy they were.

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