frogboys on google page rank of 6: unanimous ‘no comment’

'no comment'WHEN NEWS ARRIVED YESTERDAY on our 4-month blog-aversary that A Way to Garden had earned its first Google Page Rank ever—a robust 6!—the staff uttered no comment. Well, the occasional “urp,” but basically nobody even got out of the pool to party. “Wow,” I told them, “Guy Kawasaki at Alltop put us on the top row among garden sites yesterday, too!” But did anybody out back care? Now perhaps you see what I’m up against. Thanks to all of you for your role in making our funny little blog a success, for reacting to our stories by sharing yours. Keep the comments coming (but please, say more than “urp,” OK?).

  1. margaret says:

    Welcome, Doug, and thank you for the nice words. Haven’t put up the badge…only recently put any “art” at all in my sidebars for the first time (the promo for my own Forum). Will have a look.

  2. b.j. says:

    Just discovered your website this cloudy sat. morning in washington state while looking up the sensation lilac.
    I really enjoyed it but must say that it was the
    frogboys who lit up my day! I have loved frogs since I was a child and I am still a child at heart at 56!! I wish you could have seen the grin on my face when I looked at the frog pictures !! They all look like they are smiling! Thanks so much for sharing them-wish I had some here on my property.

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, b.j., and I hope you made it over to the frogboys’ own website at frogboys.com as well. They are slowly coming awake and alert over here, so more photos will be forthcoming…the lingering cold had them quiet much of April, and then the recent heatwave flattened me, I think….but I have started photographing them again (at first each season they are skittish, and have to get used to me again; we are in that phase). See you soon?

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