frogboys not on ‘martha’ show wednesday

BUT MARGARET IS. YIKES. Any suggestions on what I should wear to the appearance (details of which will be found here)?

  1. gina says:

    stereotypical Crocs and garden hat?

    This is great, Margaret! I’ll need to figure out where the Martha channel is. I think I have it somewhere amongst these gazillion cable channels.

  2. mouse4 says:


    Why not look like you just stepped out of the garden? For me it would be my Japanese garden pants and a tee shirt (an old one from Smith and Hawken that says Wake Up and Smell the Dirt), an old pair of gym shoes and a pair of garden gloves, even though my hands will be already dirty. Baseball hat is optional.

  3. Cameron says:

    That will be so much fun for you! Since the target audience is bloggers, my suggestion is business casual. Nice slacks or dressy jeans; sweater set or a blouse and casual jacket. I’m retired from marketing strategy at a technology company. When giving a presentation, my rule was to always dress one level up from my audience.

  4. andrea says:

    How exciting! Margaret, are you just chatting with Martha or are you demonstrating something that involves soil or mulch? That might make a difference between business casual and khakis and a nice shirt. You looked fabulous on your K.

    Happy, healthy September birthday from one ’54 Virgo to another.

  5. margaret says:

    Welcome, Susiehomemade. Your positive energy is much appreciated. Nice to see you here in the conversation, and hope to see you again soon.

  6. Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening says:

    I agree with Cameron, Andrea, and Susan: if it’s about blogging, don’t wear garden clothes unless you’re going to be demonstrating gardening. Wear something that makes you feel confident. Are you going to bring your laptop, and give a demo? Will there be a podcast for those of us who don’t own TVs?

  7. margaret says:

    @Kathy: Apparently there’s some device that we will use to “project” the blog…learning more tomorrow. I think they post the segments on the martha website, but will be getting all details.

    @Karen and all: Correct! No patterns, no white, they said. Am putting possibilities to one side of the closet and will bring a bunch.

  8. Karen says:

    Maybe try for solid colors, since patterns, especially checks, look horrible on TV. Can you call the Martha folks who set this up for any advice? Good luck and hope it’s fun!

  9. andrea wallick says:

    Oops! A very belated happy birthday. Well, you’ll be on Martha the day of my birthday. Another reason to look forward to Wednesday!

  10. Looking forward to seeing the segment on Wednesday! What you should NOT do is dig out some of your old corporate wear… leave that behind.. I was once in the audience and wore earthy colors.. the color looked good for the .5 seconds I was on camera. :)

    Give a tug to your ear, or a wink to signal to all of us. DVR is set!

  11. margaret says:

    Good idea of Kenn’s — a secret signal — and seconded by Teaorwine. Am pondering what it will be.

    Now as for what that naughty SmokedGouda is thinking. I think she means the little top I wore in the Washington Post shoot (not published online, just in the print edition, but I am trying to get a copy myself from the photographer so maybe I can use it for personal ads, too..tee hee hee). Those handsome frogboys tell me they will soon go underwater for the winter and what in the world will I do then for male companionship? Oh, dear.

    And welcome to Queen of the Click. The shoes are the worst part: I HATE shoes. Love gardening boots and slipper-like shoes and HATE anything with a heel. Always have. Uh-oh, guess I’m heading to the store. See you again soon we hope.

  12. Can’t wait to see you on Martha’s show this week. You have an amazing blog and I love Martha!

    Try to wear a solid color top – blue is a great color and will look good on Martha’s stage. New York and Company has some good tops. Black slacks or a black skirt. If you go for the slack – black slingbacks.

  13. Eddie From Tennessee says:

    that sexy nature girl meets miranda priestly thing is working well for you already…I wouldn’t change a single thing…ill be watching for you MR…knock ’em dead…..eg

  14. Brian G. says:

    I don’t know about clothes but what I want to know if they feed you for your troubles from that amazing kitchen. I think a care package is in order for the ride home with a side of something squirmy for the ‘boys’. Have fun!

  15. diana says:


    Dress for comfort, you probably look great in green, a color I unfortunately have to avoid because with my skin tone I look like one of your boys when I wear it. How about some “dress converse” I have a cayenne pepper red pair I wear with dressy clothes. Have fun!

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