frogboy? dogboy? frogdogboy?

3112666443_01b53a80bd_mTHERE’S A FIRST TIME for everything, and this is the first time that I’ve ever grabbed a photo from the internet and posted about it. Blame my holiday-unwind mindset or the fact that I spend way too much time online now with the birth of The Sister Project, whatever. I just could not suppress the instinct to share these canine-amphibian intergeneric hybrids with you, directly from Castellon, Spain, from the studio and mind of one Javier Retales Botijero, a 30-year-old male unknown to me except for these strokes of genius.

An entire army of such frogdogboys (army, by the way, is the correct term for what in other animals is a herd or flock) can be found at Javier’s Flickr site. I recommend a visit. With my main squeezes underwater for the duration, I have to get my kicks somewhere. Enjoy.

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  1. Tina Taber says:

    ps. I wish your photos would come through on my blog list. Maybe it’s because you are in word press and I’m using blogger.

    It’s so annoying to not get a little avatar of your pictures as you update, like I get with everyone else!

    Sorry just venting here, but do let me know if you know of a way to ‘fix’ that problem. I suspect it’s bloggers fault.

  2. susan says:

    My dogs will definitely be very jealous, your new squeeze is fab, simply wonderful. I will be putting a picture of these on my board to smile at. The frogboys will totally understand, as I do.

  3. Louis Raymond says:

    Oh my, golly what a riot.

    Darn, I only have cats, who wouldn’t stand a minute for any accessorizing, even this adorable hat. My dog friends (and their owners) are all clamoring for a retail source. Any leads there? Javier’s Flickr site is intriguing but also in Spanish.

    Thanks for such a stylish, genial, informative site!

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