frog on ice: he’s had it, so have i

frog-on-ice-1FROGBOY SENIOR LUMBERED UP OUT of the water two days ago, to catch some rays. “Ice?” he said, looking very much like a sea lion on a glacier. “Ice?” And then he got a case of cold feet and lumbered back into the pool, sick of this whole damn thing called winter. That was even before yesterday’s blizzard; he hasn’t been heard from since. You headed back under the covers yet?

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  1. turling says:

    I do feel for you. I won’t even go into our 87 degrees on Sunday and cocktails on the back patio in the afternoon after having battled a Eucalyptus stump all morning. Mentioning that would just be mean.

  2. It’s amazing to me that these critters can even move in water that must be pretty much exactly freezing. While grafting in my apple tree this weekend in 28F degrees, I was awed to see a winged insect walking along a branch. What’s that about? When it’s winter, I want it to stay winter so I have time to get ready for spring.

  3. Johanna says:

    I keep telling myself “in like a lion…” This latest blizzard missed Michigan — it might be the only one this past season to do so. But we’ve had temperatures way below normal and that’s no fun either. Will the sweaters ever be put away? Don’t even mention shorts!

    All the gray has me in a grumpy mood, and then I had to face a decision I was procrastinating about… More of that on my blog busysolitudefarm.com . Sometimes when it’s gray, it’s almost black.

  4. kerry says:

    We are under feet of snow but the good news is that I’m reading “A Way To Garden,” and it is simply gorgeous – in all ways. I keep sneaking off from all I have to do to read it.

  5. Susan says:

    So glad to finally see one of the frogboys!!!!
    Winter has been to long, hope he is back in his winter bead safely for a little longer.
    He looks as if he has had a couple to drink.

  6. Linda Smith says:

    We have good news bad news weather here in Texas. Good news – it will be in the 80’s and sunny this week. Bad news – continuing drought. I feel for everyone dealing with the ice and snow but I sure would love some rain, snow or ice here.

  7. margaret says:

    Welcome, Daniel. The lives of insects and animals in winter are amazing, indeed. Have you read “Winter World” by Bernd Heinrich? Amazing. A scientist, he explains how what you witnessed is possible. See you soon again, I hope.

    @Renovation Therapy: I am getting worried about you. :)

    @Turling: Glad you spared me the sunny, warm weather report from your zone. You, too, @Linda.

  8. Mike says:

    I just wonder how you get such amazing pictures of your frog boys?!?! I could stare at a pond for hours and never see a frog appear. Yet you seem to get pictures of them at will. Or are you actually staring at your pond for hours?????

    1. margaret says:

      Hello, Mike. My boys are posers; they see me coming w/the Nikon, they strike poses. (Truth be told, I think they are just stoned all the time and react really slowly; I smelled something herbal, if you know what I mean, out back there a few times.) When your comment came in I was over at my newest url, working on its dashboard/backend, creating a site just for the frogs…ready in a day or so for primetime. I just can’t help myself. :) Bet you can’t wait for the details…

  9. Aja says:

    I too poked my head out yesterday only to decide that heading back under the covers was the only sensible option – I am ready to come out of hibernation. Winter! I am ready to wake up!

  10. Mark says:

    hmmm…frog boy Sr. doesn’t seem that thrilled,
    …perhaps he is just scouting…says he:
    “nope no bugs yet, I’ll check back later”

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Mark. No bugs yet, but soon. Nice to see you here and hope that you will return regularly as spring unfolds. The boys and I look forward to it.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Penelope. Funny you should ask…That frog was indeed killed by hunting skunks or raccoons, yes — animals who like him had just awakened from winter slumber all hungry. But when I posted that story, he was still with me, and it was not the ice that harmed him; they can take our very cold winters.

      Until I lived here fulltime the last few years, I had a very hard time with how rough nature is, but I am starting not to flinch quite as much. It’s a food chain, and somebody bigger gets hungry…and you know what happens. Ugh. I was very sad about this particular frog. Nice to “meet” you even over such a gruesome topic. See you again soon for something gentler? :)

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