frog friends of summer 2011: a new slideshow

you can lean on me frog
ICAN’T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT THEM. The frogs, I mean. Each seems to have his or her own personality–or at least to me they do. Some are showoffs, others loners, and though all those in these images are in the species green frog, or Rana clamitans, look how their colorations and markings vary. A new slideshow of some of my dear friends.

Click on the first thumbnail to start the slides, then toggle from image to image using the arrow keys on your computer, or the arrows beside each caption. By the way, all my other frogboy (and girl) stuff is right here, if you care to browse.

  1. Liv says:

    Your frogs are beautiful. I actually didn’t know they would hang around pines. Who knew! Great shots. This spring our tree frogs were so incredibly loud my husband and I had to sleep with our doors shut and ear plugs in fact it got so bad we actually had to round up the little guys that had moved into my pool garden and relocate them to the pond and forest past our pool. It was hilarious every night around nine we’d take a giant cookie jar out to the pool and round up about ten or twenty bull frogs and tree frogs and gently explain that the salt water pool was bad and they’d be much happier at the pond. My son would zip them over to the pool on the atv and we’d have one or two quiet nights. That was May and June!

  2. Mary Ruther says:

    yesterday I found a tiny frog in my greenhouse high on a table…we sell plants and I was going through tomato plants and there he was in one of the trays~I have no idea how he got up there!~or…how he knew he would have water up there and plants to eat I guess! He is now in natural environs where I hope he is happy and can access enough water. I just loved him when I saw him.

  3. Lorie says:

    Only toads here. Sitting on the deck yesterday, with the dog on my lap, a toad jumped on my leg, traded nose touches with the dog, walked down my leg and sat on my big toe to enjoy the elevated view. Then he spotted a shady wet spot from where I had watered the deck tomato pot, and off he went. It was SO cool!!!

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