free winter-sowing webinar dec. 1 with ken druse

WANT TO LEARN to harness the coming cold weather to propagate a diversity of plants from seed? Join me and Ken Druse, author of 20 garden books, for a free webinar on Thursday, Dec. 1 at 6 PM Eastern. The subject: Winter Sowing (+ Your Urgent Garden Questions Answered). UPDATE: The webinar is full; thank you all for such enthusiastic response!

It’s your chance to sample a mini-version of one of our Virtual Garden Club classes—the subscription online garden school we launched in 2021.

First up will be a short course by Ken on how to start seed this winter of perennials (including many native plants), plus hardy annuals and biennials–and even start your own cool-season vegetable-garden transplants. No lights required! We’ll have time for your live winter-sowing questions afterward.

Ken is the author of “Making More Plants,” and a passionate longtime propagator of everything from vegetables and houseplants to trees.

After the seed presentation, we’ll also answer what we call your Urgent Garden Questions—those submitted in advance with photos by attendees on whatever topic is perplexing them, a popular feature of our club classes. (Upon registering for the free event, you’ll be invited to submit your question and photo if desired.)

This session will be recorded to watch later if you cannot attend live.

Join us Dec. 1 as we look ahead to preparing for winter sowing—the first endeavor of the 2023 growing season—together. UPDATE 11/21: The webinar is full.


  1. Ina Cholst says:

    So mad at myself for not getting my act together faster for the seed sowing webinar. Aargh!

    Hope that you will post the link to the recording on your website.

    Thanks to both of you for making me, not just a more skillful gardener, but also a more aware and responsible on! Happy holidays to you both.

  2. Danielle says:

    Registration was closed – it would be great if the recording could be made available to those who couldn’t register. Thanks!

  3. Keith says:

    Since this webinar is closed, can those that would have liked to attend see the recording at a later date? If so, when will it be posted? Thank you.

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