first stops on my book's blog tour

the backyard parables coverEVERY BOOK NEEDS a proper blog tour in our virtual world today, and the one for “The Backyard Parables” started with a few lively stops this week, with lots more to come.

january 15

A Garden for the House: Kevin Jacobs’s literal “garden for the house” is not far from me, just across the county we both live in. And it’s here, on his blog. (He’s giving away books this week!)

Martha Moments: I’ve known Toronto-based blogger Andrew Ritchie since my Martha Stewart days. No surprise, since his site is called Martha Moments, and I had a few of those myself.  Andrew’s beautiful look at my new book.

Anne Kreamer: Author Anne Kreamer is, as I am, a corporate dropout, and also a gardener. But what she writes about in her books including “Going Gray” (as in choosing not to dye your hair) and “It’s Always Personal” (about emotion in the workplace) are issues that affect work, life, health and aging.  I loved her reaction to “The Backyard Parables.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Man: I think it was Kevin Loud’s “screen name” that enticed me to first click over to his “Nitty Gritty Dirt Man” blog, where he shows off his passion for plants—alongside beautiful, intimate garden photos he takes.  And what’s not to like about a guy who announces “Margaret Roach Week” on his website? I mean, with a countdown calendar and everything, and even a book giveaway (coming shortly as one installment in the festivities, all of which are outlined here–scroll when you get there).

january 16

Rochelle Greayer’s Studio G: Found: a sister I never knew I had! Apparently Rochelle suffered through the same childhood that I did, you see, being mercilessly called “Roach.”  So sorry, Rochelle.  She is a landscape designer and co-founder and editor of LeafMag.com garden magazine, and here’s the Q&A we did together (great questions!).

WAMC Northeast Public Radio: Joe Donahue of WAMC’s –who reads more books than anyone else on the planet, I think–interviewed me about my garden, the new book, and more. Audio file of the show is live at this link. Enjoy!

january 17

Theresa Loe’s Living Homegrown: Theresa is the co-executive producer of Growing a Greener World TV, a public-television series, and even though she tends a small urban garden, it’s packed with edibles—a true homestead oasis in the city. Enviable–and most enviable of all: She’s a master canner. Her story is at this link, plus a giveaway!

Rural Intelligence: My low-population-density “hometown” these days means I think of “home” more as the immediate region, and the Rural Intelligence website covers the spot where NY-CT-MA come together. Their story is here.

The New York Times “Currents” column isn’t exactly a blog, of course, but writer Anne Raver shouted out “The Backyard Parables” there, saying I “really dig in” in this book, so here’s the link.

after that

A dozen more stops to come–I’ll post another roundup in a few days.

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate the kind words – and for the record, people are curious about a blog tour and excited about Margaret Roach Week. :) Cheers!

    1. margaret says:

      I love the countdown calendar! I’ll be posting again with the full calendar when the whole gang has their posts up. Thanks again.

  2. Stella says:

    I ordered a copy of “The Backyard Parables” from Amazon, and it arrived today . We have a Florida trip at the end of the month ( a family issue with an elderly relative), so I’m saving my first read for the flight . Congratulations !

  3. Tina says:

    Came home from RJ Julia yesterday (’twas my birthday – what a present to hear you and Katrina speak!). I figured to read a bit of “the Book” (yours, not the Bible) before I sunk myself into my bedtime, go to sleep mystery reading. Well…poor Jeffery Deaver went by the wayside/bedside. To all who haven’t begun “Backyard Parables”, PLEASE get your hands on a copy and devour at once. Then read again, more slowly and immerse yourself into Margaret’s beautiful prose. Books one and two are multi-read here and now this gem. Margaret, are you about to begin on Number Four”? My daughter, who was with me yesterday, pklans to come to your Open Days this summer; meanwhile, she is reading and waiting!

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