first look! my new book video and excerpt

DRUMROLL, PLEASE: It’s time to give you a sneak peek at “The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening, and Life” (due January 15, 2013).

If I’ve ever produced something that embodies my mantra of “horticultural how-to and woo-woo”—a blend of philosophical and practical, or spiritual and scientific—this is it.

Part memoir, part handbook. Curious? Watch the video and read a free sample chapter now. It’s all on this page.

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  1. Jackie P. says:

    So glad another book is coming out. I pre-ordered today. I started reading “and I shall have some peace there” a few weeks ago. I love it — your thoughts on everything from fleeing the golden handcuffs of the corporate world to the challenges and peace one finds in a garden. I relate to so much to all I read there (frogs included!). Now, I have something else to look forward to. Your blog will have to sustain me until then (and it will do so in a most pleasant way).

    1. margaret says:

      Thank you, Jackie; so nice of you to say hello and send good wishes. See you soon again, I hope. (And what would life be without frogs?) :)

      Hi, Michelle. I will have a pdf of the excerpt soon for those of you not on Facebook, promise. I will email you then!

  2. Here’s a copy and paste from my G+ share:

    When I think of Margaret Roach and her garden, I smile—I am so glad both exist. I agree wholeheartedly with this review of her new book: ‘IN MATTERS OF both earth and heart, Margaret Roach is fearless. She digs deep. What she finds, and what she offers in this lyrical memoir of a gardening year, is hard-won wisdom laced with humor, hands-on how-to delivered with a poet’s touch, experience embraced with fervor, humility, and grace.” (Katrina Kenison, author of Magical Journey and The Gift of an Ordinary Day )

    If you have an avid gardener in your life, think of this book as a possible gift.

    https://awaytogarden.com/the-backyard-parables-by-margaret-roach-due-out-january-15-2013 (if you have a fb acct, you will be able to read an excerpt.)

    Unfortunately I closed my fb acct, but I will pre-order soon anyway. Pass the word, folks!

  3. Ulrika says:

    Happy to have preordered your new book to be delivered all the way to Sweden. I live in Stockholm but my garden is in the north of Sweden. Lots of snow there already. My garden is a rather wild and rustic thing, a couple of weeks ago a lynx walked by only meters from my kitchen window, not a common sight even in that area. Your blog really help me when feeling frustrated about living in the city, and I´m wery thankful to you for that.
    Kind regards,

    1. margaret says:

      Well, Ulrika, what a very nice message! Thank you. I am envious about the snow — am hoping we, too, will have a proper winter this year. And a lynx! Oh, my. We have the species here that we refer to as “bobcat” (technically Lynx rufus) but you rarely seem them; occasionally around dusk along the edge of the road. They are reclusive — so it’s such a thrill to come upon one! See you soon again, I hope.

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