finally, my favorite mum’s back on the market

mumA COUPLE OF FALLS AGO, I PRAISED MY THEN-ONE-AND-ONLY MUM, ‘Will’s Wonderful,’ an anything-but-discreet creature with a hot-pink flower with a big golden center. Then a lot of you wanted to order it, but found from my link in that old post that its introducer, Ellen Hornig of the former nursery Seneca Hills, was no longer carrying ‘Will.’ But now there a happy ending (or new beginning)…and another:

For a moment I thought I’d have to start shipping you divisions myself (KIDDING), but then ‘Will’s Wonderful’ got a proper new home, thanks to a chain of emails, and Ellen, and the good people at Lazy S’s Farm in Virginia, who propagated mine and then carried it for years. Update 2019: Lazy S’s is closed, but my friend Kathy Tracey at Avant Gardens sells it, thankfully.

Also thankfully, my favorite mum, like all his cousins, is a prolific type, so these will be the first of many next-generation ‘Wills,’ I hope, who’ll find their raucous ways into more fall gardens.

I mean, I’ve since learned to like ‘Sheffield Pink,’ for example, but there will always be only one ‘Will.’ Glad he’s staying in circulation.

  1. Liisa says:

    A beautiful mum, indeed. I am curious, as I was recently browsing your containers link – saw the lovely Acalypha ‘Giant Leaf’, though I am having trouble tracking one down. Landcraft is wholesale only. Would you mind sharing where you were able to find one?

  2. Liisa says:

    Thank you, Margaret. I am actually planning a trip to Loomis Creek in a few weeks, as it seems they have such a beautiful and amazing variety of pretty much everything. I will check there first, and go from there. Thanks again.

  3. Clare says:

    Hi Margaret–
    I’m psyched to hear that this mum is available. I’m eager to try it out.
    I’m loving your new radio spot each week, but I’m afraid that I’ve already panicked a few times this spring. Today was about 70 deg F while about 10 days ago we had 3″ of snow (in Missoula, MT).

  4. barbara says:


    I am a huge fan of Sheffield Pink – actually have no other mums in my garden…until now. My faith in you is such that I’ve just placed my order with Lazy S’s (love them, such a good company) and am now eager to see how Will’s Wonderful will fit in. My Sheffield blooms gloriously into November (I am in Virginia, zone 7) and is literally alive with bees all autumn. Such a lovely, lovely color at that time of year when so many plants are blazing red.

  5. emo says:

    You made them sound so great, I just bought these from Lazy S’s. How late do you think they”ll bloom in zone 6? Is it wishing too much for them to be blooming during Thanksgiving?

  6. Carol P says:

    I ordered Will’s from Heronswood. Received a 2 1/2 pot, well rooted with 3 strong stems for the “not-so-low” price of $12.95. I only order “gourmet” perennials from them and this year almost everything arrived small, but healthy. The exception was an oriental poppy called “Place Pigalle” that was bare root and smaller than my pinky finger. I don’t hold out much hope for that one.

  7. Katie says:

    I planted three Will’s Wonderful mums in my garden last summer. Less than a year later, those three have spread themselves over a four foot section and growing. Just a warning…vigorous is an understatement. Have you found them to be travelers?

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Katie. All the perennial mums are, yes. You dig them and divide each year (or cut around the perimeter and share/discard the rest) and then keep them in check. If you dig it and remove it, it will be gone — I have eradicated it from the original bed with only one season’s effort (unlike some real tenacious pests).

      1. Rita Wilson says:

        Margaret, I’m hoping that you somehow see new posts on old postings. Do you agree that dividing mums should be done in the spring? I assume just as they start coming to life.

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