fantastic: plant a carrot, get a clarinet

‘PLANT A CARROT, get a carrot, not a Brussels sprout,’ proclaims the song from the 1960 (and ongoing) musical “The Fantasticks.” But in 2014–no thanks to genetic engineering, gladly, but to charmingly low-tech creativity and total brilliance–you can plant a carrot and get a clarinet. I’ve been watching this over and again for weeks, and meant to share it sooner. Sorry to be distracted and selfish until now, but thankfully there’s still time to sow more clarinets. Bless you, Linsey Pollak.

  1. Betsy says:

    My granddaughter and I just watched this engaging video and were gobsmacked!!!! Hazel’s reaction was, “Let’s watch it again, Nana!”

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