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I WANTED TO BE SURE TO INVITE YOU–a member of our Facebook fan page–to be among the first to use the newly rebuilt question-and-answer area of A Way to Garden. I call it the Urgent Garden Question Forum, after a phrase my sister used to utter on my voicemail; you can read about that history here. I think you’ll like the new Forum, powered by bbPress, as much as I do for its streamlined functionality, and with spring coming I hope it proves a useful gardening tool.

I encourage you to come ask and answer gardening questions, of course, but also feel at home (especially in the topic marked “General”) to use it as a place for community-driven discussion about anything reasonable that interests gardeners, and even for socializing about non-garden topics, should some of you wish to do so. More on the philosophy and etiquette is here on this page.

The Urgent Garden Question Forum is part of A Way to Garden, but there is a difference between it and the blog itself. Stated simply:

On the blog, I choose the topic and post about it, and readers may wish to comment in response.

On the Forum, the subject matter is driven by you. You initiate the conversation, and (hopefully) chime in to help one another and just get acquainted. I will stop in, but not answer every question; this is a place for community-driven discussion about anything reasonable that interests gardeners.

Logging In to the New Forum

To post on the forum, you must register. The process is simple; on the left side of the front page, simple click Register and follow the steps. If you don’t get an email with your confirmation in a few minutes (5-10) look in your spam box!

IMPORTANT: If you were already a member, to protect your privacy, I didn’t carry over your passwords to the new platform. I’m asking instead that you come request a change of password to reactivate your account. It’s simple:

1. On the left side of the front page, click Lost Password, just below Login and to the right of Register.

2. On the next page, scroll down a bit farther than where you just were, to Password Recovery. Enter your username. (If you have forgotten your username, reply to this email and I will send it along.)

3. As the next screen says, you will be sent a new password in about 5 minutes (look in your spam if not).

4. Log in using it, and then proceed to change it to one that’s easier for you to recall on future visits.

These 4 Things Will Enhance Your Experience:

1. Search before asking a question to see if there’s already a thread (and even maybe an answer!) on that subject.

2. Scan the list of forums within the system to see which one is the place for your post.

3. If you want to have general conversation, the General forum would be the best place to begin.

4. When you do post something, give it a good subject line (title) – so not “A Perennial Question” but “How to Divide Daylilies” or “When to Transplant Peonies.” This makes the topic more accessible to others who may have your answer.

Enjoy, and see you there.

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