enough about me (let’s talk about me!)

ENOUGH ABOUT ME…well, maybe one last thing. And then I will put a sock in it for awhile (maybe). A young blogger who was among those to inspire me to start on this path honored me yesterday with a profile. It has the bits The Times didn’t tell you, and since I seem to be outing myself with full force this week, why not show you this one, too?

  1. Andrew Ritchie says:

    Excellent profile! I loved the movie/music revelations. You must also like Joni Mitchell. You must. Her entire oeuvre is about love, gardens and the history of human emotion. As Good As It Gets is one of my top ten, too! But, really, anything with Jack hits it out of the park.

  2. Country gardener says:

    Margaret: Hey, another Dylan fan – I used to be immune to the charms of his music, but recently I’ve gone on such a Dylan bender that I have filled a 2gb MP3 player with his songs.

    As for your blog, over the past few (drought-ridden years) I’ve gotten a bit overwhelmed by my garden on its 10 acres, but reading your thoughts and seeing the wonderful pictures of your garden has rekindled my at times flagging enthusiam for the gardening life. Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog is a regular must-read for me now. Best wishes, YC

  3. margaret says:

    Re: Music, ‘Blue’ is my favorite Joni Mitchell album and ‘Blood on the Tracks’ my favorite Dylan, I think. And thanks, Country Gardener, for the kind words. We all want to throw in the trowel some seasons, and it does help to hear that others are plodding onward (crazy or not). ;-)

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