doodles by andre: on the spin cycle?

ISTARTED LAUGHING WHEN I OPENED THE EMAIL from Andre Jordan that contained this doodle. And then I thought, “What in the world am I laughing about?” He does that to me all the time–draws me into his way of oddball funny-thinking, even though I cannot explain what all is going on. And so I asked. The reply from -20F Madison, SD:

“They are currently my garden chores–doing the washing,” says the Sub Zero Doodler. “Frankly your garden chores are pointless here in -20 Madison. It is too bloody cold to do anything else than the wash.”

So noted.

Spin cycle, anyone? Or are we feeling delicate, perhaps? (I’m fairly certain a cold-water wash will not be tolerated.)

  1. andre says:

    oh I have been to both places – wife comes from Seattle.

    and whilst I only drove through Portland to get to the airport i totally loved it. would love to live there.

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