doodle by andre: you missed a spot

LAST NIGHT WHEN I WENT TO DO MY DAILY DOSE of mowing, I noticed that the gas can is almost empty, dear Andre Jordan. How’d you know I was about to come up short (er, long) if I didn’t pay closer attention over here? Thanks for the reminder; just think of your mishap as a “green” take on the Mohican ‘do.

  1. A lawn with Faux Hawks could be the next gardening / turf trend. Maybe missing spots of mowing could be considered sculptural, in an all green Zen garden. A bit of extra visual stimulation. But alas, I just got in from mowing mine to a velvety texture, before today’s rain. Maybe if it does not rain too much, I can go 7 days before doing it again.

  2. Margit Van Schaick says:

    Speaking about rain, I’ve been happy with the rain we’ve been getting here in southern Vermont, just in time to avoid having to drag the hose to the big garden, where the tomatoes are finally taking hold. So far, no sign of any tomato problems–

  3. Taylor says:

    Thanks for reminding me. Somewhat dread bringing gas cans in the car, filling them up, hoping not to spill any on me, bringing them home, hoping they don’t spill, and filling up, hoping not too overflow…Ah mowing!

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