doodle by andre: ‘woo-woo,’ andre jordan style

APPARENTLY I AM RUBBING OFF ON ANDRE–or maybe he was always into woo-woo (more likely). After just shy of two years blogging here together, I get this week’s doodle with an email explanation: “Over the weekend,” wrote Andre Jordan, A Way to Garden’s South Dakota correspondent, “I tried to express how to some people (YOU), the garden and gardening is so much bigger than just ‘exterior design.’ It’s a very spiritual and humbling experience. Something way too big to capture in a simple doodle

And so I said very little,” his email continued, “and hoped (as I tend to do with my more serious doodles about depression) that people such as yourself would understand the enormous thing I did not try to say. If that makes sense?

I shall get back to my slightly passive aggressive doodling now. Ha. I am currently drawing a ladies bottom. I am as yet unsure how this will eventually become a garden doodle.”

Stay tuned, dear readers. Next week promises to be a doozy. (I love my Andre emails almost as much as my Andre doodles, frankly. Well, except ones like this Quantum Physics Diagram, which actually does relate to gardening…and about 500 others.)

Thanks for being Andre, Andre. And yes, of course it makes sense. xoxoxox

  1. andre says:

    I am still ‘working on’ the naked lady walking through a field of flowers (I have added flowers to my drawing in the hope that it will soon reveal itself to me as a doodle about gardening).

  2. Donna says:

    I love the cartoons or doodles. I too draw on my site quite a bit, and you may want to check it out, one artist to another. The drawings that are done on your site are very creative and really enjoyable. I plan to mark this site for return visits, but now I will peruse around a bit. I gave you three picks on blotanical. I always like to find new artists blogging about gardens.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Donna, and thanks. My good friend Andre Jordan does the doodles, so I cannot take credit (I shoot the photos, though!), but he will see your kind words. Thank you.

  3. Mari says:

    Oh, what a great gardening blog. I will follow! I totally feel this
    “the garden and gardening is so much bigger than just ‘exterior design.’ It’s a very spiritual and humbling experience”

    If I look at my garden though I’m not really far on my spiritual path :) but that is ok, I’ll get there.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Mari, and thank you — and also thanks for the fun visit to your blog, where I am just back from spending some time. As for “far on the spiritual path,” it’s all about intention. Progress, not perfection, you know? :) See you soon!

  4. Margaret T says:

    You’ve done it again! I open your email thinking I’ll just take a quick glance, and there I am, hours later, reading Yeats or pondering Andre’s doodles! I love it all. Thank you.

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