doodle by andre: tipsy, and then some

WELL! I HAD NO IDEA THAT our dear Andre was now bottling his own homebrew. I guess the wine-making kit didn’t come with a warning statement on the label, huh? I may be sensing a pattern, as there have been other drunk-and-disorderly moments in doodle memory:

He said this one was for medicinal purposes only. Hmmm….

And he also said alcohol was on the list of required gear.

I don’t think there’s any explaining away what happened in this one. Hiccup!

Or should I just say: Cheers!

  1. andre says:

    we are doing lots of work on the house and it is hot and i have had a couple ‘dizzy’ moments – particularly when i went up the ladder to look at the leaves in the guttering.

  2. balsamfir says:

    No dandelion wine and ladders I hope. Water is the elixir of gardening, after all. Dandelion Wine is for dessert perhaps?

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