doodle by andre: thinking of you

robin-copyright-andre-jordanROBIN REDBREAST is a classic symbol of spring, the early bird who catches the worm, but in my northern garden, the flock stays in view in winter just as long as the holly and crabapple fruit lasts. I miss their happy song when they finally push back from the buffet, and miss the oddball run-and-stop, run-and-stop movements of North America’s most widespread thrush. The robin that doodler Andre Jordan knows from England is a smaller red-breasted bird, not closely related, but with a similarly cheery demeanor…a bird you like having around. Is there someone you are thinking of this holiday season, some friend who won’t be at the table?

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  1. andre says:

    there seem to be less and less Robins in England now.

    They remind me of childhood Christmases. They would always come and sit on the head of the snowman my brother and I would make in the garden.

  2. Johanna says:

    When I first saw Andre’s doodle, I just thought it was a sweet bird blushing to say “I miss you, dear friend”! You know the feeling, when you’re not entirely sure the other person feels the same way?

    I guess I’m just missing having someone to blush over! Maybe next year.

  3. Sharon says:

    @Andre — Come see my flock of robins this spring here in the beautiful Roanoke valley (Virginia). Or if you’re pining for red this winter, my regular group of a dozen pairs of cardinals are back. They look like Christmas ornaments when all sitting in my hardy orange tree, taking turns at the feeder. Come spring, they’ll scatter, alas, leaving one or two pair to claim my backyard turf.

  4. Genevieve says:

    In the garden, I’m missing the little goldfinches. I love them so much I even let thistle go to seed to attract them. I call them Lemon Birds of Doom because they look like fat little lemons flying with their doom-ish black wings.

  5. John at JWLW says:

    Good Morning:

    We have not seen any Robins for about 2 weeks now, Usually don’t see any in winter.

    Lots of other birds at the feeders due to the recent storms, Ice and now Snow. Junco,
    Bluebird, Finches, Pine Siskin, Nuthatches, Doves, Titmouse, and Woodpeckers.

    Yes we finally have Snow, that white stuff.

    The gravatar is my dog Mozart.

    Have a good day,

  6. margaret says:

    Hi, John….sounds like here. Apparently the robins don’t go far, but stay together in huge groups (hundreds of thousands in a single roost, I read) in winter.

    No bluebirds here this winter (had some in ’07), and my palette at the moment is similar, with several kinds of finches, a wild turkey and a Great Blue heron this week for fun.

  7. Rhonda says:

    Now Helen just brought something up that would interesting…I too wonder what I would look like to someone that would make me a doodle…I would love to be a doodle of a sweet little finch, one with the red head…they sit on my bird bath next to my art room…sitting there looking back as if to say thank you for the clean water I provide them each day for their showers and baths…Have a great day. Rhonda

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