doodle by andre: they’re only playing dead

COLD MAY TAKE DOWN MANY GARDEN PLANTS the next days and weeks, but don’t be fooled by weeds that pretend to close up shop. Master doodler Andre Jordan isn’t, and neither am I. They may play dead at some point, but most are stealthily making more runners and seed and such, leaving behind representatives that will ensure your spring is full of the same unwanted faces. Their advance land-grab tactics are disgraceful–but oh, so effective. Do you know your weeds?

    1. Margaret says:

      @Janet: Well, you are a Weed and I am a Roach. What a pair! :) I will forward your query to Andre. We are about to launch a small line of Andre postcards that will include at least one weed image. (That was a secret until I just typed that this minute.)

  1. bethalina says:

    Did you have to remind me? I was just celebrating the year-end appearance of my success over the weeds. I know I was wrong, but I wanted to enjoy the bliss in a weed-free seeming garden. Sigh.

  2. Carole Ferguson says:

    I agree with Yvonne. They must grow under the snow. And what is with the August weeds that grow along the curb, growing at the rate of 6″ per day, JUST as you are leaving for vacation. This is one of my favorite Andre’s. Can you make prints we can frame for presents?

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