doodle by andre: the journey (+ book giveaway!)

IT HAS BEEN SIX MONTHS SINCE my book about packing up my city life and heading north to the garden was published, and to celebrate I’m offering the chance to win one of two signed copies–and dear Andre’s offering his latest doodled version of my Great Escape, above. (Truth be told, it didn’t all fit in a wheelbarrow, and I just unpacked the last boxes yesterday!) Want to win “And I Shall Have Some Peace There” for yourself, or to give as a gift?
I don’t have to tell you all how glad I am that I made the move to a much-pared-down life in a rural spot…many of you have been witnesses from the start of the adventure. But I do have a progress report on my next book, which I am finally making some headway on. This one will be very garden-centric and derives from the way I’ve always viewed gardening as a combination of “horticultural how-to and woo-woo” (the motto of this website as stated up top). One part skill, one (big) part heart and soul.

Back to the drawing: It seems appropriate to give away the book about my exit from corporate life as a Labor Day “event” here. Of course, the joke is that I now work more than I ever did–welcome to the new economy!–and also have unpaid side jobs mowing, snow shoveling and the like. (Is the grass ever going to stop needing twice-weekly attention this year?). But for me these days, it’s all a labor of love, because it all allows me to finally be here, where I truly belong.

How to Enter to Win

TO WIN ONE OF TWO SIGNED, gift-wrapped copies of “And I Shall Have Some Peace There,” a book about life transitions and making time to be still and reconnect with nature, simply answer this question in the comments below:

Where do you find that little bit of peace you crave?

I know, some of you hate to say much more than “Count me in,” or “I want to win the book,” and that’s fine, too. Be shy; go ahead–your entry will be officially registered for the drawing, even if you say little or nothing. But of course an answer is much more fun, if you feel so inclined.

So let’s make this our Labor Day giveaway–I’ll draw two random winners, using the tool at random [dot] org, after entries close at midnight Monday, September 5. Good luck–and have a wonderful weekend, hopefully to include some moments of peace and time in the garden.


  • The book has its own website, if you haven’t visited before.
  • Gift-wrapped, inscribed copies are always available in my little shop.
  • And P.S. — If you have read it, writing a quick review on Amazon helps the cause. Thank you!
  1. Kathy S. says:

    Early morning when I walk through my garden then have a cup coffee while sitting on the patio and watch the early morning arrival of the birds.

  2. Megan says:

    Where I go to get some peace and quiet is in my bedroom, reading a good book! My garden is a nice place to take a minute to myself, but ultimately there’s a lot going on out there with neighbors and people walking by… Thank you for the opportunity to win your book! :)

  3. Kim Nixon says:


    This last 2 weeks have been filled with panic attacks and hives.

    Being indoors is terrible. I feel closed-in. Trapped.

    I do not know how to escape from the hives.

    Having a hard time with Be-ing.


  4. Sherry F. says:

    I find peace each night all my children are safe. My dream garden will be born this spring. So I’m dreaming of how she will been one day soon.

  5. Dianne says:

    I find peace in solitude. Drinking my tea in my garden, listening to the tinkle of tiny windchimes, under tall old trees. Wandering in my little atrium/greenhouse made from old windows, and planning my next project. When it’s quiet, and no one else is around.

  6. Debbie says:

    My peace is on my back deck. It is filled with potted plants and decorated with fairies, mushrooms, along with bird feeder and bath. This backs up to a patch of woods which is all I see when I look out my patio door. I have many hummingbirds, Chick a dees, Cardinals, and other birds who enjoy it as much as I do. This is my little heaven on earth.

  7. NancyH says:

    I find peace in small things–a quiet house, a sweet visit from one of my cats, a moment to look out at the yard, a few minutes on the front porch after dark. All of these have some measure of solitude connected with them, but it isn’t the solitude that makes them peaceful, it is the absence of demands… nothing, no one, is asking for my attention or action. I can center myself and get ready for my next encounter with the world.

  8. Mindy says:

    So many of you have said they find it in the garden, for me thats the total opposite!! When I get in there my mind gets rolling but then of course it is a new one and quite a work in process. I find my peace at night when everyone is tucked away sound asleep and I go to my bedroom curl up in my chair with a good book or a magazine and something to drink.

  9. Jackie DiGiovanni says:

    I borrowed a copy of this book to read. I would love to add it to my library. There is inspiration about life, humor, and friends. There is a path to peace with one’s self. We should strive to create the world we want to live in.

  10. Gloria Pratt says:

    I find peace working in my gardens!Even if I’m just walking through or puttering around,listening to the sounds,pulling weeds&,getting my hands dirty.My gardens are my escape to my own private sanctuary!

  11. Peggy C. says:

    I go down to the butterfly garden I helped create with my students at the School for the Deaf I recently retired from. It is a place to reflect, do a little maintaining, and meet the neighborhood children to share how to care for it and look for butterflies!:)

  12. Nancy says:

    Outdoors (pretty much anyplace – beach, mountains, fields or plains) and usually by myself. It gives me a chance to observe and reflect and unwind.

  13. FranF says:

    I find peace in the white linen chair in the corner of my bedroom on the top floor of my house. I can see a corner of the garden from there.

  14. Bev C. says:

    The first of the trees turning Fall colors and the Humming Birds taking there last licks, I look around and wish I won the PC sweepstakes so I could fill the yard with the tulips and jonguils so rabbits and deer are kept at bay. Can’t do to much with all this rain but weeds keep popping up While everything else starts getting ready for it’s long winter nap.

  15. Michele says:

    My little bit of piece comes in pieces: behind the lens of my camera, in front of photoshop editing, promoting people and products that I love, and daydreaming under a well kept tree.

  16. Annabelle says:

    Count me in!
    I find peace in bed with a book. A way to calm the mind and rest the body. Let someone else make all the decisions!

  17. Amy says:

    My peace is found out on my back porch, sitting on my old glider, studying the old dead Camperdown Elm on which if often perched a Hummingbird waiting his turn (that’s a laugh) at the feeder or a bright Goldfinch checking out if it’s safe to fly down to the birdbath. It always gives me an inner calmness I can get nowhere else.

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