doodle by andre: the casualties of garden design

awtgREPLACEDTHEY UNDERSTAND every word. Don’t think they don’t. As we gardeners walk around muttering, pondering new homes (or the compost!) for “wrong plants in the wrong place,” they’re quaking in their roots. Really. Thanks, Andre Jordan the Doodler, for the latest creation.

  1. Anne Sikkema says:

    When a plant isn’t doing well or worse…it is easy to replace. When YOU change your design or want space to try a new plant….Ah, that’s when the guilt sets in….if you can find a friend to adopt, it is a little easier. But most of us have a hard time saying goodbye to a plant that we once loved and has done well.

    This cartoon captures that bittersweet moment perfectly as we thank them for what they have given us, but explain it is time to move on.

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